10 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan You Have to See to Believe

Over the years, Pakistan gained a never-ending bad reputation amongst many things. While the decades of political instability, several security issues definitely contributed to it,  there is no doubt that Pakistan has managed to get back up on its own two feet. The country has successfully tapped into something special in regards to tourism. Before such modifications were made, only fearless tourists stepped foot in Pakistan. However, due to the many alterations made to the mindsets, security, and famous tourist spots, avid travelers have begun to realize that there is not much that Pakistan lacks.

The country is full of picturesque, stunning locations with kind-hearted, pure souls. Although, due to certain misconceptions surrounding Pakistan, people assume that the country is old-fashioned with no tech-related services such as ride-hailing services.

But, that is not true as Pakistan has been following such trends, especially in the medical field. So, if you are in Pakistan and require assistance from a pharmacy, you can easily get in touch with one of the online pharmacies such as emeds.

When a country is that rich in beautiful locations, it can be a little hard to choose only a few places to visit. But, we have narrowed down the 10 places that you just will not believe are real.

1.    Skardu

Skardu is located in Gilgit Baltistan. It is very popular among tourists since there is not a single soul that is not captivated by the breathtaking lay of the land and features Skardu offers. The gorgeous valley attracts all types of tourists. There is a lot to do in Skardu, including trekking and hiking.

2.    Islamabad

Islamabad – the romantic city. It is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is famous for its clear blue skies, lovely weather, and beautiful mountainous sights. The abundance of greenery proves to be an excellent company for those who wish to relax and simply enjoy the moment. The city consists of big roads and highways and a neat, quiet, and serene surrounding.

There is a lot to do in Islamabad. You can visit cultural heritage spots, hike in the Margalla Hills or visit quaint, colorful villages in the city like Saidpur Village.

3.    Kalasha Valleys

Kalasha Valleys is found between the Hindu Kush mountain in Chitral. The Kalasha Valleys’ residents mostly make up the indigenous tribe known as the Kalash Tribe. The bewitching view of the site, the fields, and the distinct architecture of the houses and buildings makes the Kalash Valleys worth exploring. Moreover, if one desires to dive into the history and culture of the Kalash tribe, then head over to Rumboor and Birir. According to the legends, the Kalash people are allegedly descendants of the troops of Alexander the Great.

4.    Peshawar

Similar to Islamabad, Peshawar is a city that is rich in history and culture. It is home to several sites related to the 17th century Mughal Empire. In addition, the colorful city hosts several shopping bazaars along with food stalls and restaurants that offer the city’s specials.

The history attached to the country and city is the main sightseer’s attraction as Peshawar is one of the few cities that preserved its medieval charm.

5.    Gorak Hills

Since Sindh is well-known for its sandy dunes, one would imagine that snowfall in Sindh is hard to find. But, fortunately, Pakistan is full of surprises. Ultimately, there is one place where you can witness snowfall in Sindh, and that place is known as Gorak Hills. Gorakh Hills is notable as it is an essential scenic plain that is a significant part of the Kirthar Mountain Range.

6.    Naltar Valley, Gilgit

Naltar Valley is another beautiful spot in Pakistan that is simply unbelievable. Although it is a little remote, it has a lot to offer. Many visit it for the serenity and solitude it provides. There are snow-capped peaks, pretty landscapes, clear lakes, and dense forests to explore.

7.    Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows has become the top tourist spot. However, it is not for the weak of heart since reaching the campsite consists of taking one of the most dangerous roads in a jeep. Nevertheless, the site has gained popularity over the years, and there is a good reason for it. Fairy Meadows presents you with an unbelievable view of Nanga Parbat.

8.    RattiGali Lake

A mesmerizing lake in the breathtaking Neelum Valley in Azad Jammu and Kashmir is referred to as RattiGali Lake. For trekking and hiking lovers, it is a dream come true since it is situated above 12 thousand ft. from sea level. RattiGali Lake is surrounded by snow-covered mountains all year long. The dazzling crystal blue water intrigues anyone who lays eyes upon it.

9.  Attabad Lake

Once you visit Attabad Lake, blue turquoise waters will become synonymous with the lake for you. The calming body of water truly represents Attabad Lake. The sensational beauty is found between mountains. Even so, the lake is said to be the sole source of livelihood for the locals of Attabad. In addition to the marvelous sights, tourists can enjoy the waters by partaking in several water-based activities such as jet skiing, fishing, boating, and plenty more.

10. Hunza Valley

Paradise on earth: that is the name people have awarded Hunza valley with. The stunning valley is engulfed in the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges. The remote valley is known as a hidden gem of Pakistan. This valley has farming lands, apricot, and apple orchards with majestic views. The people ofHunza Valley are kind and hospitable. Due to such a welcoming environment, you can find yourself engrossed in the sense of tranquillity and solitude in the beautiful valleys of Hunza. 

Final Word

Enchanting landscapes, rugged mountains, beautiful valleys, rich cultural sites, lively cities – Pakistan truly has it all. Pakistan’s variety and range are unique and hard to find in other countries. So, make sure that

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