15 Essential Hiking Gears to Pack for Hiking in Pakistan

Hiking is an excellent outdoor activity. Some people prefer to go hiking alone to reap all the meditative advantages of hiking while others like to go with friends because it’s quite motivating to enjoy this journey together. Hiking allows you to view some beautiful scenery which is quite pleasing to the eyes.

Hiking has some remarkable benefits to your health. Julie Corliss, the executive editor at Harvard, reveals many benefits of hiking like it boosts your cardiovascular fitness, relief stress, etc.

There are some essential hiking gears that provide comfort and safety which you need while hiking in Pakistan. You must keep them with you because when you are doing hiking your breath passage becomes coarse especially when heading towards the top and it’s not possible to find someone to help you there. So, it’s better to keep all these necessary lists of gear with you.

If you have decided to go hiking in Pakistan, then you should keep all the right gear with you to get the most fun out of your hiking tour.

1 – Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are specially designed to ensure that hikers don’t face any sort of injuries while hiking. These shoes are very important to wear because normal shoes and joggers can create problems for you as they don’t have the capability to provide safety to your feet. There are different variations of these shoes depending upon the condition of the hiking place like the trail shoes are perfect for hiking when the climate is quite dry because it provides an excellent grip on rocky paths. The trail hikers are a nice choice for muddy paths whereas the hiking boots work well for mountaineering because they are quite durable.

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2 – Hiking Shirts

Finding the right hiking shirt according to the atmosphere is quite essential to make things easy for hikers. The material of fabric matters a lot while selecting a shirt of hiking because some hikers prefer cotton while others prefer polyester or silk. A short-sleeve breathable cotton T-shirt is perfect for warm weather because it allows you to keep cool by evaporating your sweat whereas a long-sleeve shirt is excellent for cool weather to keep you warm.

3 – Hiking Pants

Hiking pants provide many benefits to hikers like they protect the legs from cuts, scrapes, and rocks. They are mostly lightweight to make the climbing process easy because hikers require frequent movement while climbing. These pants generally have many pockets to provide extra space to hikers for keeping necessary things like maps, sunscreen and lip balm. Most of these pants have the quick-drying capability because they are made with nylon to dry the sweat in no time.

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4 – Hiking Hats

Hats are also a nice safety gear for hiking. A wide-brimmed hat is very effective to keep the rain away from your eyes. They are also very helpful to protect you from UV rays because these rays can cause skin diseases and skin cancer too. So, it’s better to have early protection in place to avoid health-related issues. These hats not only look stylish but also play a major role to protect your hair from snow and wind.

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5 – Hiking Gloves

Hiking gloves are used to protect your hands and fingers from any kind of physical injury. Having a pair of gloves that fit perfectly in your hands is what every hiker looks for. These gloves are lightweight and designed in such a way to protect you effectively from the effects of cold weather. They keep your hands warm to make hiking comfortable for you.  Some hikers give more favor to gloves without finger while others prefer to wear gloves that can easily cover their fingers too. It entirely depends upon the choice of an individual and also the weather conditions as well.

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6 – Hiking Jackets

Hiking jackets are extremely flexible gadgets to carry with you. There are different types of hiking jackets available in the market as some of them are hard shell while others are a light shell. These jackets are light in weight so that they can be worn and carry easily. Many of them are waterproof having a coating of durable water repellent to help hikers deal with the trouble of rain. Some of them also provide extra ventilation facilities to deal with internal heat.

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7 – Hiking Stick

A hiking stick is good for maintaining your balance on slippery rocks. Sometimes, stepping on a slippery rock can make your feet slide from the rock which can cause injury to your feet. With the help of these sticks, you can protect yourself from this trouble. It also ensures that you keep away from snakes, and scorpions which are normally found in these places. You can also give some relaxation to your knees and ankles using a hiking stick by transferring some of your weight to your arms.

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8 – Sunglass

Your eyes are no doubt the most important part of your body so you should take care of it while hiking. A nice pair of sunglass allows extra protection to your eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The key thing to consider while selecting sunglass is the lens type because the sunglasses with low VLT (visible light transmission) are preferred for bright weather whereas the sunglasses with high VLT works well in dim weather.

9 – Hiking Bag

Finding the right hiking bag in which you can place all your important things is one of the main items on your list. Nowadays, you can come across a wide of bags that are specifically designed to make your hiking tour comfortable. It has different pockets to keep your stuff well organized so that you can easily find them when you want. Hiking bags are usually not that heavy because you have to carry them for a long time. The main reason for their lightweight is to avoid any sort of shoulder or back pain that you may experience with heavy bags.

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10 – Sunblock

It’s not that easy to save yourself from the sun by just wearing the full-sleeve dress because there are other parts of your body like your face, and hands that need to be protected too if you don’t want to face any issues. Sunblock is very helpful to protect you from harmful UV rays. They block the harmful rays from creating skin problems. Sunburns are normally the common issues that you can have while doing hiking in the sunny weather. By applying sunscreen, you can easily get rid of these troubles.

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11 – Use GPS

Hikers can also get advantage of GPS tracking. Handheld GPS is normally used by hikers because they are very effective to find ways even if you are facing low visibility issues. They are more durable, and their battery timing is also better as compared to other GPS. Sometimes, you can expect any random accident while hiking like slipping from mountain or snake bite, etc. With GPS, you have the benefit to send your location alert to any of your selected contacts using its emergency feature.

12 – Map

There are many varieties of maps but finding the best map that can help you in hiking is what a hiker needs. Having a map in your hands is necessary to get in touch with your hiking routes. Hikers normally prefer topographic maps to plan routes and estimate the time of their travel. The key benefit of these maps is that they can help you to visualize the three-dimensional shape into only two dimensions.  It displays in-depth information regarding the distance, roads and intersection points.

13 – Headlamp

Headlamp becomes necessary if you do hiking in the cold season because the problem with hiking in this weather is that you will have fewer daylight hours as compared to the hot weather. But, if you end your hiking tour because of having less daylight, then instead of doing this you should use a headlamp to go ahead even when there is no sun. Nowadays, you can easily find headlights that use LED’s because the main advantage of having these lights is that they are more energy-efficient and have a long-lasting time.

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14 – Keep Water Bottles

Having water bottles will make sure that you keep hydrated all the time because if you don’t drink water regularly, then you have to deal with dehydration issues in the hot weather because you are continuously sweating while hiking. The requirements of water depending upon the temperature and your body type so you should adjust accordingly. In cold weather, there is a strong chance of freezing your bottled water. So, you should take some sips regularly from it and try to do some flipping of your water bottle to avoid it from freezing.

15 – Make Use of Liquid-Fuel Stove

You definitely don’t like to eat cold food during your hiking trip because it can make you sick. The best way to encounter this issue is to use a liquid-fuel stove. It has the capability to work in cold weather and allows you to measure the exact amount of fuel you require for your journey. These stoves are more eco-friendly and cost-effective. So, you should prefer them and keep them in your hiking list to avoid eating cold food.

The list of gears mentioned above allows you to be as prepared as possible for your exciting hiking tour. Make sure to invest some of your time in selecting the perfect hiking gear for you because if you give importance to these important gears; then they will also take care of you while you enjoy hiking.

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