First girl hotelier needs promotion of tourism in Pakistan

LAHORE: Tehreem Saigol, the brave girl, who raised grunt for girl empowerment and loves Pakistan from the core of her heart and soul, believes that Pakistan is quickly going to determine up abet its lost glory in the eyes of the sphere.

“I took up the now not easy job of being the first ever hotelier in the nation. I imagine in Pakistan and cast off my most traditional nation in every single achieve I bolt since I’m an unannounced ambassador of my shining nation, which has so unprecedented to give to the sphere and yet to be seen by its grasp inhabitants however, unfortunately, the mesmerising cultural and tourist sights of this supreme gift of God to us has now not been proven to the sphere, in the kind it unquestionably deserves”.

These are the heartfelt sentiments of Tehreem Saigol, the first girl hotelier in Pakistan, introducing a fresh more or less hospitality theory. Tehreem is an ardent point out of the promotion of native, apart from world tourism in this pretty nation of her birth.

Talking to The Knowledge, Tehreem disclosed that she used to be the first Pakistani to be enrolled and educated on the Royal College in England and lived a truly lengthy time there, however she in no plot forgot Pakistan and promoted it wherever she went. For deciding on the tourism and resort exchange, she maintained that “I purchased the premise of bringing the comely face of Pakistan to the sphere; therefore, I plunged myself in the resort exchange with a keenness, because, she added, it is possible you’ll be ready to in no plot live justice to your passion and your goals without passion”. She maintained that she used to be so possessive about Pakistan that she would talk for hours and hours to the foreigners in every European and diversified nation she would talk to. She published that she has travelled throughout the size and breath of Pakistan’s Northern Areas and used to be mesmerised by its breath-taking unspoiled beauty. The entirety of this pretty nation has many cultural and tourist landmarks. It’s brimming with centuries outmoded cultural resources on one hand and with matchless natural beauty on the diversified. Prior to plunging herself into one in every of the most competitive exchange in this nation, she combed the most tremendous tourist location in Pakistan, significantly up north. The day she landed on this soil, she embarked on a trip of serenity and joy comely from the planes of Punjab to the snow-capped peaks. She argued that initially, there isn’t the kind of thing as a need for enormous investments and mega infrastructures to originate the most tremendous out of these natural treasures Pakistan holds however devoted and actual efforts with an tremendous planning is required to originate out most tremendous of our tourism exchange. She pointed out that the Western media has been blowing things out of proportions when it comes down to Pakistan-related incidents. Tragedies and terrorism is in every single achieve in the sphere in a single fabricate or the diversified and so are the dangers. She maintained that millions of Pakistanis bolt all the plot thru the nation all all the plot thru the year for more than a number of functions safely, so why can’t we encourage them for home tourism?

Tehreem Saigol is a solid believer in the rehabilitation of the glory of Pakistan. ”I unquestionably appreciate totally absolute confidence about a unquestionably appealing future for Pakistan in a unquestionably quick time because, Pakistan is one in every of the most supreme international locations in this world in every facet and it’s sure to soar-abet on its feet”, she concluded with a undeniable present.