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    Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) was the eldest son of Haider Ali (حیدرعلی) and his mother’s name was Fakhr-un-Nissa (فخرالنسا‏‏‎ء), born on 20th November 1750 A.D. at Devanahalli. Haider Ali (حیدرعلی) named his son after a great Sufi saint namely Tipu Mastan Aulia (ٹیپومستان اولیاء) Haider Ali gave good education to his son Tipu Sultan ۔(ٹیپو سلطان)Right from his early years he was trained in the art of warfare He received military education from Ghazi-Khan who was a great warrior and also a military officer in the army of Haider Ali and at the age of 15 he used to accompany his father Haider Ali, (the ruler of Mysore میسور), to different military campaigns, participating in the wars that were fought by his father. Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) helped his father both in the First and the Second Mysore Wars. He was also a brave soldier and great general. In Addition, he also learnt different languages, He was well versed in Urdu (اردو) , Persian(فارسی), and Arabic (عربی)languages, mathematics and science. Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) had a fascination for learning. His personal library consisted of more than 2,000 books in different languages. After the death of Haider Ali(حیدرعلی) , Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان)was enthroned as the ruler of Mysore (میسور) on 4th May 1783 A.D. in a simple ceremony at Bejnur (بجنور). He was an extremely active man and worked hard for the welfare of his subjects He continued the Second Mysore War (جنگ میسور – دوم) against the English. He defeated many English generals like Brithwhite & Col. Bailey in 1783. Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) attacked the Raja of Travancore (راجاتراوانکور) . In the first stage of the war (Third Mysore War جنگ میسور – سوم: 1790-92 A.D.) General Medows and General Kolly planned the course of action. Medows tried to reach Mysore through Coimbatore. Kolly was supposed to reach Bangalore through Baramahal District. But he died without achieving anything. Medows efforts were checked by Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) at Sathyamangalam and then he recaptured the places which were occupied by Medows. In the initial stages, Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) gained upper hand over the English. As long as the British fought alone, Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان) always defeated them. But he could not come over their diplomacy, conspiracy and intrigue. Thus he was defeated in the Second half in his capital, Seringapatam, and was forced to sign a humiliating treaty on March 22, 1792. As a result he had to concede half of his kingdom and pay an indemnity of 33 million rupees to the British and their allies. Since he could not pay war indemnity in full, he accepted to send his second and third sons namely Abdul Khaliq and Maiz-Uddin aged 10 and 8 respectively as hostages till he would pay the war indemnity. He paid the balance amount after two years and received his sons in 1794 A.D. at Devanahalli.

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