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Ghoomlo.pk has mentioned lots of attractive places on its website from all over Punjab. This city is full of natural magnificence with some alluring places. It is not less than a heaven for tourist to see heaps of attractive places in a single province. We have listed nearly all the places so that you don’t miss any of them.
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    Allama Iqbal Mausoleum

    Allama Iqbal tomb is the most simple and impressive structure situated in Lahore, Pakistan, between Lahore Fort and Badshahi Masjid. The structure of Allama Iqbal tomb is a reflection of a combination of Moorish and Afghan Architecture. Red sandstones were used to manufacture the tomb of Allama Iqbal. Thousands of people come to visit the mausoleum per day to pay their due respect to Poet Allama Iqbal.   Allama Iqbal was considered as one of the most inspiring characters behind the movement of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal was given a name of Mukaffir-e-Pakistan which means the Thinker of Pakistan and Shair-e-Mashriq meaning the Poet of the East. Allama Iqbal died in 1938, 21 of April in Lahore at the age of 60.As a tribute to Allama Iqbal the name of the Lahore Airport was named Allama Iqbal International Airport.   After the death of Allama Iqbal a committee was formed presided by Muhammad Hussain, the initial designs submitted by different architects were not satisfactory. The committee decided to design a new combination rather than following specific school of arthitect.The final mode was designed from Mughal tradition and was a mixture of Moorish and Afghanistan architecture. The Tomb has two gates located at the eastern and southern sides, tiled with marble. White marbles were used to build the grave.   There are Quranic verses inscribed in calligraphy on tombstone. People of Afghanistan gifted the tombstone. Ghazals are carved from the book name Zabur-e-Ajam written by Allama Iqbal inside walls. There is a small garden outside divided into small plots. Tomb was architect by Nawab Zain Yar Jang Bahadur which took 13 years to build this tomb, the major reason of delay was the shortage of red stone from Jaipur .The tomb was built at a cost of one hundred thousand rupees.  

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    Anarkali Tomb

    Anarkali Tomb is one of the famous Tombs and Historical  In Pakistan. It Is Located In Lahore, Punjab Pakistan.   It is now believed that Nadira Begum (named "Anarkali" due to her red like complexion like a “pomegranate” in full bloom)  died in mysterious circumstances when Akbar was away in Deccan.   There are different versions exist on her death. In which one account is her natural death when Emperor Akbar was visiting Deccan and he ordered to build a tomb.     In other accounts, which are not verily proved by historian is being poisoned by other courtiers after receiving orders from Prince Salem (Jehangir) when she was concubine of Akbar too and the mother of Danial (Jehangir's brother). And the most popular version is of this s that when emperor was in Deccan, Prince Salim made advances on the beautiful woman, and on learning of this the emperor ordered that she be buried alive so that any misunderstanding between the emperor and the prince be removed. Here, we cannot ignore the fact that court historian had also recorded the natural death of "Danial"s mother.     A note from a British traveller William Finch, who visited Lahore in 1608, three years after Prince Salim ascended the throne as Emperor Jahangir. “The King (Jahangir), in token of his love, commands a sumptuous tomb to be built of stone in the midst of a four-square garden richly walled, with a gate and diverse rooms over it,” wrote William Finch. But he failed to provide any other detail and this can be in result of his imagination. The tomb of Anarkali is one of the most significant buildings of the Mughal period.     It is an ingeniously planned octagonal building. Circular in shape and roofed by a lofty dome, the tomb once surrounded a garden, called Anarkali Garden, but during the last couple of hundred years it has been put to several uses. Under the Sikhs, the mausoleum was occupied by kharak Singh. Later it served as the residence of General Ventura, the Italian General of Ranjit Singh’s army. Under the British, The tomb was converted into Church (a protestant Church) in 1851 right after 2 years of British Control on Lahore. Few years later, it was converted to St. James' Church in 1857 till 1891. Since then, it has been used as Punjab Archives Museum with an amazing treasure for those interested in the history of British Punjab.

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    Aqua Fun Resort

    Aqua Fun Resort is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. AQUAFUN Resort caters to adults and children, equally, providing a complete getaway from the daily hectic life. Here is a list of available facilities: Water Slide, Swimming pool, Ladies covered pool, Ladies Boutique, Arabian Tents, Cable Car, Indoor Games, Go Karts May you wish to unplug for a while from daily hectic life and have some fun with your friends or family? or you may be going to plan a meeting or a party at a wonderful location?Anyway, Aquafun Resort is your right destination. The basic concept behind the AQUAFUN Resort is to give people the freedom to relax and have a good time all in one place!.  

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    Army Museum

      PAK ARMY MUSEUM was established in 1961 located near Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi, to preserve Pakistan Armed History through relic and portrays, it is one of the largest museums of Pakistan.   There is a time when the need arises to build a museum near IFTIKHAR JANJUA ROAD, Rawalpindi, and time to time it got renovated and refurbished to depict our martial heritage in the yet more systemic way that speaks loudly by itself to the visitor. Pakistan Army Museum houses Photographs, sculpture, dioramas, artifacts in his lobby, these museum consist of fourteen galleries enlighten Pakistan army richest history with reference to historical background, at the time of war, peace, alarms, an excursion to the nation.     The museum ground floor invites visitor attention as it houses important events and happenings of the past, significant personalities and the emergence of Pakistan on the globe on 14th August 1947, It also contains newspaper wall and COAS wall, while the first floor exhibit and dedicated to Regiment and Corps displays, including military bands and dress items.   The lobby of the first floor displays the history of Pakistan premier institution like Kakul, Command, and staff college Quetta. Pakistan Army Museum outdoor display armored fighting vehicles from Pakistan army first tank to field artillery like M-3 Stuart Light Tank, M-4 Sherman Medium Tank, Centurion Mark-2, M4A5-SJERMAN (75MM), AMX-13 Light Tank, M4A2 SHERMAN (76MMW), anti-aircraft guns/ howitzers and engineers equipment. While the most appealing collection for the visitors is the armored used during the Mughal Warrior period, while galleries also exhibitingSubedar Khuda Dad Khan: the first South Asian, Indian who got Victoria Cross at Holay Becks Belgium in 1914.     This museum also houses artillery guns likeMuzzle Loader Gun of Sher Shah Suri dated the 16th century which was used by Sher Shah Suri against Ghakars of Punjab. Army museums always attract visitors to see weapons from very close quarters otherwise only seen in movies and war documentaries and documents.

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    Badshahi Mosque

    Badshahi Mosque (transformation in English: Royal Mosque) is the second largest mosque of Pakistan,  located in provincial capital Lahore of Punjab. Badshahi Masjid is a Tourist Attraction and a must visited place in Lahore Pakistan.   It was built in 1673 A.D. by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. The mosque remained the largest mosque in the world from 1673 to 1986, when it was overtaken in capacity and size upon the completion of Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. It has a total area of 29,867.2 square meters (321, 488 square feet) and can accommodate up to 100,000 worshipers. Now it is an 8th largest mosque in the world in terms of its capacity for accommodating worshipers and 10th largest in terms of total area. Badshahi Mosque with its beautiful Mughal architectural style and historical background is a major landmark and tourist attraction not only in Lahore but in whole Punjab.     The mosque was built under the patronage of the sixth Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb Alamgir. It was completed in 1673 under the supervision of Aurangzeb's foster brother Muzaffar Hussain (also known as Fidaie Khan Koka) who was appointed a governor of Lahore in May 1671 and held this post until 1675. He was also Master of Ordnance to the emperor.     The construction of the mosque took about two years, from May 1671 to April 1673. The mosque was built opposite the Lahore Fort, illustrating its stature in the Mughal Empire. In conjunction with the building of the mosque, a new gate was built at the fort, named Alamgiri Gate after the Emperor. From 1852 onwards, piecemeal repairs were carried out under the supervision of the Badshahi Mosque Authority. Extensive repairs were carried out from 1939 to 1960 at a cost of about 4.8 million rupees, which brought the mosque to its original shape and condition. The blueprint for the repairs was prepared by the late architect Nawab Zen Yar Jang Bahadur.     In 2000, the repair work of marble inlay in the main vault was repaired under the supervision of Saleem Anjum Qureshi. On the occasion of the second Islamic Summit held at Lahore on February 22, 1974, thirty-nine heads of Muslim states offered their Friday prayers in the Badshahi Masjid, led by Maulana Abdul Qadir Azad, the 'Khatib' of the mosque. Recently a small museum has also been added to the mosque complex, which contains relics of Muhammad, his cousin, and his daughter, Hazrat Fatima Zahra.

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    Bahria Trafalgar Square

    Bahria Town is the largest housing project in Pakistan. Bahria Town has housing colonies in Islamabad and Lahore.   Where the historical-cultural center of Pakistan, the great city of Lahore, is greatly treasured for its historical assets; urbanization has already converted its image to a modern metropolitan. Hi-rise developments and an ever increasing population density have gradually crept over the natural greens that are a signature of the “land of the five rivers.     Bahria Town Lahore developments bring back the spirit of the land of the greens with a modern touch. The master design revives the communal setting alongside the famous Lahore Canal. Life is caressed at Bahria Town Lahore development with the provision of the most convenient to most modern means to enable a complete lifestyle.

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    Battlefield Paintball

    Paintball is a thrilling extreme sport. Paintball has become an increasingly famous sports in the western world. Battlefield is the first group to launch Paintball in Pakistan. Battlefield also arranges private and commercial events Battlefield in addition to Paintball also contains a fleet 200cc / 150cc / 110cc / 80cc ATVS. Battlefield is the place the to be for people looking for thrilling sporting activities. Paintball – Go Karting and Quad Bikes provide quite an opportunity when it comes to extreme games.       Paintball is a sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun). Paintballs are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble polymer. The game is regularly played at a sporting level with organized competition involving worldwide leagues, tournaments, professional teams, and players. Paintball technology is also used by military forces, law enforcement, para-military and security organizations to supplement military training, as well as playing a role in riot response, and non-lethal suppression of dangerous suspects.

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    Butterfly Park

    Butterfly Park is an awesome addition to Jalo Park Lahore, Pakistan. It matches all International Standards, Hence a must visit placAttractions to visit in Lahore Pakistan.   Butterfly Park one of the most beautiful botanical garden established by Punjab government which has a great number of butterflies of different kinds. People and especially kids love to visit this place and see beautiful butterflies flying in front of them and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful creature. Overall, it's a worthy place to visit with family and to enjoy a picnic here.

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    Chattar Park

    The Chattar water Park is situated on the road of Murree. If you want to see heaven on the earth this park is one of them. This place covered with a natural beauty. in this place where a visitor amazed by seeing full of eye-catching views and attractions. Chattar Water Park has everything that a visitor can desire and want from any place.   First of all this park in the middle of Islamabad and Muree, a visitor who planned to go the more hills can stop the car at the park and seeing the beauty of nature. This park has a huge lawn garden covered with lush green grass. Families normally came here and enjoying these moments of sitting in the lawn and start doing BBQ’s and her kids are playing around like cricket, football etc. Musical concert is also being placed where much-known brand of Pakistan performs here, which is the source of entertainment of the crowed and visitor, who visit this amazing place.   This park also has an amusement park inside it, it has a number of rides for children who visited this park, it has dragon ride swinging around in the mid of the mountain, boat rides, dogging car, slides and seesaw etc. This park also has a zoo inside where different kind of animal in which children are amazed by seeing it. This park also offers refreshment services where small shop is placed inside to cater the visitor need. Canteen inside this park offer Snacks, beverages, popcorns and other stuff. The main reason for the popularity of this park is that this park is situated in between the mountain area where an eye catching view imprisons the heart of the visitor for its beauty and natural seeing. This park also has a natural stream of water causes the families to sit and enjoy the frosty water, where children's excitement is keen to seen. They splashed, swim in this water. Truly this place is definitely to visit.

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    Chauburji (Chau meaning four, burji meaning tower) is one of the most famous monuments among the structures and buildings of the Mughal era in the city of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. In the historic city of Lahore, on the road that led southwards to Multan, the Chauburji gateway remains an extensive garden known to have existed in Mughal times. The establishment of this garden is attributed to Mughal Princess Zeb-un-Nisa, 1646 AD, which appears in one of the inscriptions on the gateway. The gateway consists of four towers and contains much of the brilliant tile work with which the entire entrance was once covered.     The Gateway of the Four Minarets or Chauburji was once the entrance to one of Lahore's many pleasure gardens. The garden, together with one of the gate's corner minarets (on the north-west) is now lost. An inscription on the gateway records that the garden was established here in 1646, in the reign of Shahjahan, by a lady described as Sahib-e-Zebinda Begum-e-Dauran, or 'the elegant lady of the age'. The lady referred to is probably Jahan Ara Begum, the eldest and favorite daughter of Shahjahan, who was known to have built gardens at Lahore. The gateway is beautifully decorated with rich mosaic-work.     Chauburji represents a strong blend of Mughal architecture with ancient Muslim style of building. Its distinguishing features are the minarets which expand from the top, not present anywhere in the sub-continent. Some, however, believe that there were cupolas upon these minarets which collapsed with the passage of time.   Arches are of the so-called 'Tudor' style, adapted to Islamic architecture, particularly in Mughal mausoleums and mosques. The red brickwork is typical of the Muslim buildings of the sub-continent; the doorways and windows running through the interior corridors are examples of the living style that characterized the Mughal buildings. However, the main purpose of building Chauburji appears to be strictly monumental. The decrepit building, which has not lost its elegance, stands alone surrounded by hoardings and bustling traffic on the busy Multan Road.

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    Chaudhry Farmhouse

    Chaudhry Farmhouse Is a place to place for refreshment and relaxing Located Opposite Govt school, Lahore, The Farmhouse is filled with greenery that gives fresh breath in polluted City Lahore. People Often visit there to get relaxed on weekend with family,  Chaudhry Farmhouse consists large play area for kids including cricket ground etc, Chaudhry Farmhouse has a  stunning swimming pool to swim.   This Farmhouse is famous for picnic and parties among youngsters of Lahore, because of its nearby location to the main city and it's the larger area that contains so much to do. It has all the facilities like electricity, Gas Clean water, Hence its one of the attractions of Lahore City.    

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    Emporium Mall by Nishat Group

    Emporium Mall is all in one mall that contains shops, hotel, food court, cinema's etc and Located In Living City Lahore Punjab, It Becomes One of the symbolic places in Lahore Pakistan and attraction for people of other provinces.   Emporium Mall is home to over 200 International and local brands. It includes a nine screen multiplex cinema and Pakistan's largest cinema called Universal Cinemas. It also contains a large food court with a sitting area that accommodates 3000 people. Other features include Fun Factory Park (kids play area), The Bounce, banquet halls, restaurants, eateries, a large hypermarket named Hyperstar (Carrefour) and a 110-Room five star hotel. The mall also uses solar panels for back-up power.   In 2016, Emporium Mall became Pakistan's largest shopping mall. In 2017, Emporium Mall became the second-largest mall after the construction of Lucky One Mall in Karachi. Emporium Mall is also one of the largest shopping malls in the world by gross leasable area. Emporium Mall is home to over 200 International and local brands. It also includes Universal Cinemas, Hyperstar supermarket, and a large food court.

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    Faisal Mosque View Point

    Faisal Mosque is the most famous mosque in Pakistan. Pakistan. Located in the foothills of Margalla Hills in Islamabad, the mosque features a contemporary design consisting of eight sides of the concrete shell and is inspired by a Bedouin tent. The mosque is a major tourist attraction and is referred as a contemporary and influential feature of Islamic architecture.     Construction of the mosque began in 1976 after a $120 million grant from Saudi King Faisal, whose name the mosque bears. The unconventional design by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay was selected after an international competition. Without a typical dome, the mosque is shaped like a Bedouin tent, surrounded by four 260 feet (79 m) tall minarets. The design features eight-sided shell shaped sloping roofs forming a triangular worship hall which can hold 100,000 worshippers, while the surrounding porticoes and the courtyard up-to 200,000 more.     Combined the structure cover an area of 54,000 square ft, the mosque dominates the landscape of Islamabad. It is situated at the north end of Faisal Avenue, putting it at the northernmost end of the city and at the foot of Margalla Hills, the westernmost foothills of the Himalayas. It is located on an elevated area of land against a picturesque backdrop of the national park. The largest mosque in Pakistan, the Faisal Mosque was the largest mosque in the world from 1986 until 1993, when it was overtaken by mosques in MENA region. Faisal Mosque is now the fourth largest mosque in terms of capacity.

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    Fort Kohna

    Multan is a Historical city. Its History spread over centuries. Multan is Also Known as the city of “Garma, Gard, Gada, and Goristan”. Multan fort is one of the oldest forts In Pakistan. It is situated in the center of Multan city. Multan is a Historical city. Its History spread on centuries. Multan is Also Known as the city of “Garma, Gard, Gada and Goristan”. Multan fort is situated in the center of the City. Multan Fort was built on a mound separating it from the city by the old bed of river Ravi.   Its date cannot be fixed with accuracy. Apart from the shrines, most of the fort was destroyed by the British in 1848-49 to avenge the death of Lieutenant Alexander vans Agnew, killed in Multan by order of the Sikh governor. Agnew's memorial obelisk stands on a plinth at one of the highest points of the fort mound.   A panoramic view of Multan City can be had from the highest point in the fort. The Fort was originally known as Katochgarh and is attributed to have been built by the Katoch Dynasty.  

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