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On this website, you not only get the details about the listings of all these beaches but also can have additional data as well like striking pictures, location map to track accurate locations, contact information etc to make sure you find the ideal beach according to your desires.
The environment of these fascinating beaches is extremely remarkable. Many of them are located in the easily available areas of every city. We are not limited to a precise area of the city. You can get a comprehensive listing of nearly all the beaches of karachi on our website so that you can decide which beach can be an ideal place to go with your family.
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Beaches are a perfect place to go with your family. They are a quality place to spend some time and have fun with your children. We have too many stunning beaches listed on our website where you can go and have fun with your entire family.

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    Beach Huts At Sandspit Karachi - N-88

    Beach Hut Sandspit offers day use beach hutson the beach in Karāchi. It also provides free private parking. Guests can enjoy day use of the huts which has a private bathroom and living area. The nearest airport is Jinnah Airport, 24 km from S40 Beach Hut Sandspit. Karachi Port is 17 km from the property while the Masroor Airbase is only 9 kms away. It provides free private parking.  

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    Bhit Island

    Bhit Island is located near Kiamari Town, Karachi. Bhit island is also often known as ‘Baba Bhit Island’. This island is named after the famous saint of Sindh named ‘Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai’. Bhit island is basically situated in the great Arabian Sea. The water of this island is clean and clear blue and is quite deep. Bhit island consists of 3 small fishing islands which are well known for fishing. Fishers often or you can say daily visit this island for fishing. There is a variety of marine life that lives on this island.     This island has covered an area of about 4 square kilometers. Bhit island is also populated. Most of the population therein Bhit island is Muslim. Around 12000 of the Karachi population resides on this island. Boating is also done in Bhit Island. People who love fishing visit this island to enjoy their hobby of fishing.

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    Buddo Island

    uddo Island, is a group of associated islands of the Pakistan (also known as Dingi) is a small island located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.   Both boat and helicopter transfers are available from Agatti to Bangaram and Kadmat. The helicopter (US$350return) may be the only option in monsoon season from May to September.   By boats/ferries: These can be used for getting around from one island to the other Once on an island, there aren't too many options. You can travel by foot or hire a bicycle.

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    Bundal Island

    Bundal island is located on the coast of Arabian Sea, Karachi. Bundal island is a relatively small island. The tomb of one of the Muslim Sufi named Yusuf Shah is located on this island. Annually an urs takes place in the tomb on this island. During this urs, this island used to be very much populated. Buddo island is also located near Bundal island.   These two islands are usually known as a single island. Fishers visit this island daily for fishing. The water around this island is rich with a large variety of marine life. Bahria town has now signed an agreement to construct a beautiful city on this island. This project comprises of all the facilities including educational institutes, medical centers, shopping plazas, tall buildings and much more.

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    Charna Island

    The Charna Island is one of the most visited Islands In Pakistan, the Island Hosts Thousands of visitors in summer Season Every day. It is located in the great Arabian Sea Kiamari Town, Karachi. The beautiful Charna Island is also sometimes known as Cheerno. It is located near Mubarak Village. People specifically fisherman usually visit this island for the purpose of fishing. Charna island is rich with a variety of fishes, lobsters as well as crabs. The Marine life that exists in Charna island includes Tuna fish, Angelfish, Sea snakes, Ray fish, Green turtles and many more beautiful species. The water of Charna Island is clean blue and deep. Charna Island is very much popular for Scuba diving, Snorkeling and CLiff diving.     DIfferent sports clubs arranges Snorkeling and scuba diving in the beautiful clean water of Charna island. People enjoy Snorkeling there in Charna island because of the clean water as well as the beautiful clean atmosphere. Karachi Water Sports club arranges other activities too there in Charna Island, that includes boating, Cave exploration, Underwater photography, and lunch at Charna island. Charna Island is filled up with natural beauty. This island gives and eye-catching views to the visitors. Visitors visiting this island once definitely wants to visit it again because of its natural beauty and clean calm environment.

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    French Beach

    The beautiful French Beach of Karachi is located halfway between Hawke’s Bay and Paradise Point. This beach is only accessed by owners of the private huts there. These private owners can be contacted to access this beach.French beach karachi (the breathtaking view at karachi, sindh) is located half away among the location of hawkes bay and paradise point, is a small fishing village frequented via karachi’s elite of karachi city and known to the area people as haji ismill goth.   French beach Karachi is encircled by using a boundary wall, it offers ninety five huts, constructed via the villagers, for hire. The village does no longer have running water, however has the power of electric electricity. Its rocky beach and clean waters are best for the sports of snorkeling and scuba diving as well as surfing at some stage in the season of monsoon.   Traffic and travelers should bring their very own device as well as food and drinks substances.Many humans want to visit this staggering breathtaking French Beach Karachi. however it has deficiency of present day facilities. Authorities must take some immediate steps in order that more and more people pass at french seashore. It'll not simply help the nearby bad humans lots but really it's going to also grow to be one of the fine beaches in the country of Pakistan. More Beauty is being added by French beach karachi huts which are providing more space for leisure time

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    Hawkes Bay Beach

    Hawke’s Bay Or Hawkes bay is a famous beach in the city of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is located over 20 kilometers south west of the city Karachi. It is approachable through Mauripur Road (previously known as Hawkes Bay Road) or the Mubarak Goth Road from the city of Karachi. The name of the beach is derived from Bladen Wilmer Hawke, later ninth Baron Hawke of Towton, who had a beach house there in the year of 1930s. He utilized it for the weekends and other of his contemporaries joined him making the houses. It is a very popular tourist resort. It is a spectacular sandy beach with clear blue water. Every day hundreds of people from the city of Karachi visit there and amuse picnicking, fishing, swimming, and camel and horse riding. Huts are also present for the rental there. Hawksbay is believed to be one of the beaches in the world where the unique green sea turtles come to lay eggs.  It hosts one of the unique reptile species.

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    Huts @ Tushan Beach

    Tushan Beach – Karachi. There are very few huts at Tushan, because there is not a lot of space in this area. The beach ends into the huge rocks that are the bottom of the distant hills that we see, thus giving the effect of privacy. Hut Rentals at the Karachi Beaches, Complete Events !! SEA FOOD Beach Huts, Beach Resorts, Beach Houses Webetter spots than French Beach !!   Providing you with the perfect spots on Karachi's coastline to have B'days, Anniversaries, Picnics & Family outings. We also cater to corporate off sites, Picnics, Sales Conferences & much more...   You can create your own event with gazebos, lounges, dance floors, various beach activities, DJ, sound, ambience lights and above all our super fresh grilled SEA FOOD !! Our huts are usually booked in advance for weekends and all public holidays Complete Events Call on week days 11 AM - 5 PM only 0300-2256689 Our huts are usually booked in advance for weekends and all public holidays (Sandspit, Hawkes Bay, Turtle Beach, Tushan)

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    Karachi Beach Resort

    Karachi Beach Resort is One of the best Resorts In Pakistan and it is a great place to enjoy, It is located in Turtle Beach Karachi. Planning your next event in a calm and safe place? What better place there could be than Beach and Resorts in Karachi? Karachi has one of the best, clean and safest coastlines in this region. Explore these beach huts for events such as family picnics, corporate events, parties, birthdays and types of other beach activities. Apart from these discussed below Karachi has Beach Luxury Hotel, tushan beach and French beach!

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    Manora Beach

    Manora Island sits a short ferry ride from Keamari Harbour, the entrance to Karachi's busy port. The island was the site of the fort where Karachi's Talpur rulers surrendered to the British, who later erected a (still-intact) lighthouse in its place. The island has a small beach overlooked by the remains of a 19th-century Hindu temple. Swimming isn't recommended due to strong currents and pollution. There are food stalls around the beach, some selling fresh fish in batter. The main reason to come to Manora Island is to enjoy the sea breezes on the ferry trip out here. Boats in the harbour will also run longer trips for the right fee, but note that photography is forbidden in the harbour area. A taxi from Saddar costs around Rs120.

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    Paradise Point

    This beach is on the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Pakistan. You can reach there by Maripur road or Mubarak Goath Road. It is not a good choice for people who love swimming, but you can have fun with other activities like horse riding and camel riding etc.  It is one of the renowned beaches and an outstanding place of entertainment to visit in Karachi. Local people frequently visit this beach for peace of mind and serenity. The location of this beach is outstanding and you can really feel refreshed after having a trip to this beach.

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    Russian Beach

    Russian Beach Is famous Beach for a picnic, It Is located near Ghaggar (Gulshan-e Hadeed)  Karachi. Russian beach is in Mazar Rd Bin Qasim Town, Karachi. Pakistan Steel Mill was created with the help of Russia. This part of the land was selected as a leisure spot for Russian Engineers who came to Pakistan as part of the technical swap, but it doesn’t happen. This beach is very striking for those people who have some interest in fishing. It has too many beautiful huts where you can go with your family for snorkeling and scuba diving. If your boring schedule is making you feel exhausted and you are enthusiastically looking forward to getting free from the rat race, then it’s time for you to allow yourself a break and have fun on the beaches of Karachi.

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    Sandspit Beach

    Sandspit beach is on the south-west of the Karachi city, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a very popular tourist spot with the services horseback and camel riding. The location of Sandspit is very calming and quiet in between October to March and very uneven during the season of heavy rain. You can see the amazing range of marine life-algae and crabs here. The transparent shallow water of that beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It has an exclusive rocky shape. This beach is supposed to be a quite popular relaxation and entertainment spot in the busy city of Karachi.

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