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    Askari Park

    Askari Park is a nice family park created a few years ago located at old Sabzi Mandi in Karahi, Sindh, Pakistan. It's great simple green place for relax and enjoy playing place for whole family. Many people visit this park daily in evening or even a day because it’s in between huge residential area city. There was beautiful fish aquarium and also having a snake shop. Best place for whole family for picnic on weekend. Address: Old Sabzi Mandi (Fruit & Vegetable Market), Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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    Askari Public Park

    Askari Public Park is a very beautiful place for entertainment it is located at the very well known location of Hyderabad that is Jamshoro Road. Askari Public Park is a full of natural beauty place to visit in Hyderabad. You must go there and refresh your self and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is the best place for entertainment for kids and adults also]

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    Benazir Bhutto Park

    Benazir Bhutto Park is situated at Boat Basin Karachi. This is a huge park covering a vast area of land. This park is situated in a well-off area of Karachi. This park was established by Karachi Development Authority in the late 1960s. Benazir Bhutto Park is named after the death of great Shaheed Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto Park has a very beautiful entrance. Its entrance has a huge beautiful fountain which is surrounded by beautiful flowers of different colors. Walls of the Benazir Bhutto Park are made up of brown bricks which enhances the beauty and dignity of the park. Park has sitting arrangements for its visitors. There are also sheds on which people can sit in sunny weather.     Park has green lush grass with flowers of different colors. You can witness beautiful sunflowers planted all over in this park. At night the lighting of the park gives an eye-catching view. Seaside of Karachi can also be seen from one end of this park.

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    Fatima Jinnah Park

    Fatima Jinnah Park is situated in the beautiful city of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, this parked named after FATIMA Jinnah the younger Sister of our father of the nation “Muhammad Ali Jinnah”. The park is on the main road from Jinnah Avenue and referred to as a highest covered area park in Pakistan. The administration of this park has in the hand of the Capital Development Authority, which maintains this park and the current situation of this park is totally amazed, neat and clean. This park is covered almost a full sector of Islamabad. The park builder took almost five years to design it completely; this park is fully covered and bounded with a steel fence. This park has four main gate one is opened in F-9 sector where the government official is a resident, this sector is mostly famous because of the flat system, allotted to the government officials, and one gate is opened toward F-10 Markaz,   This Markaz is the commercial area where business units are placed, it has a good shopping mall and shops where family leisure time by doing shopping and dining, besides that this park also has Macdonald at the corner of the park this fast-food chain restaurant has two side entry and exist and having a good lawn inside it along with children's play area.   This park has everything that people want or desire to see. This park has long walking and jogging track in it. In the evening a good number of people and families visit this park where they can walk, cycling and do lots of exercises. Yoga and karate classes also arranged here.   This park also has the HOT SHOT mall where shopping brands, wedding hall are placed. In the basement there is gymnasium; snooker club and swimming pool are positioned. This mall is famous because of its gaming zone where bowling, video game, table tennis and laser light is the key to the attraction for the children. This park also has AIWAN-E-QUAID which is a library for the book lover.

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    Hilal Park

    Hilal Park is situated near City Railway Colony, DHA Phase VI, Karachi. This beautiful park is the best place for the people of every age to come and enjoy in natural beautiful and peaceful environment. Hilal Park is covered with beautiful clean lush green grass with a number of green trees and colorful flowers. The plants are decorated and trimmed in a very artistic way which enhances the natural beauty of these plants.   When you enter in Hilal Park you will experience a beautiful aroma that arises because of beautiful flowers planted there in the park. Park also has proper tracks for jogging and morning walk. People often come in this park for the purpose of the exercise. There are also benches that are installed to provide the sitting facility to the visitors of this park. There also a number of outdoor swings which are the source of attraction for the children. The atmosphere of this park is very peaceful and calm that is the reason this park attracts the visitors toward itself.

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    Jheel Park

    Beautiful garden with a lake where you can find enjoyment with your family. The park is constructed on 25 acres (100,000 m2) of land. Jheel Park is an amusement park situated in Karachi near Tariq Road in P.E.C.H Society. Beautiful garden with a lake where you can find enjoyment with your family.

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    Mandan Park

    Mandan Park in one of the Largest Parks In KPK, It is located in Bannu KPK, Pakistan The park is covered with lush green grass everywhere. Mandan park consists o Playgrounds, Covered shelters, it is the best place for relaxation in Bannu.

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    Margalla Hills National Park Boundry Line

      Margalla Hills National Park ‬‎ is a national park located in Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. The park includes the Margalla Hills, which form's the foothills of the Himalayas, along with Shakarparian Park and Rawal Lake.Established in 1980, Margalla Hills National Park covers approximately 17,386 hectares (67.13 sq mi). Tilla Charouni with a height of 1604m is tallest peak in the park. Margalla Hills are a popular tourist destination, with Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa serving as popular hill stations, while Shakarparian Cultutal Complex and Lake View Park are popular picnic spots. The park is rich in biodiversity, especially rich in Sino-Himalayan fauna, most notably gray goral, barking deer and the Leopard. Combined MHNP is home to around 600 plant species, 250 bird varieties, 38 mammals and 13 species of reptiles. PTDC is currently constructing a chairlift project in the park. The Margalla Hills (12605 hectares) the Rawal Lake, and Shakarparian Sports and Cultural complex. Located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. The hill range nestles between an elevation of 685 meters at the western end and 1,604 meters on its east Margalla hills have beautiful torrents gushing down in the monsoon. Natural springs are also present. Margalla has a variety of mammals, they include the Indian leopard, gray goral, barking deer, wild boar, golden jackal, red fox and the porcupine among others. It is also home to a large number of birds such as larks, paradise flycatcher, black partridge, shrikes pheasants, spotted doves, Egyptian vultures, falcons, hawks and eagle

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    Nawaz Sharif Park

    Nawaz Sharif Park is situated in Rawalpindi. It was established by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif. And so it is named as Nawaz Sharif Park. After his Government, the new government tried to change the name of the park but still, it is known as Nawaz Sharif Park. It is situated on main Murree Road.  This park covers the big area of land and this park has 2 entrance gates for the visitor's Park also has a separate parking area for cars and bikes.   Food Street, Rawalpindi Art Counsel and Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium are just in front of this park. Nawaz Sharif Park is surrounded by the large fence. Park also has seating arrangements for its visitors. There is a small play area for children this is the reason this park is the center of attraction of children. You often see children playing in this park.     This Park provides an open, fresh atmosphere in the congested environment of Rawalpindi. You may found this park very crowded on Eid days or on Public holidays. The entrance of this park is not free however the ticket is very much economical and can be easily afforded by a common man.

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    Neighborhood Park

    Neighborhood Park is the full of greenery park located at D-92, Ibn-e-Qasim Park Road. The park location is so easy to go for everyone. It is the place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature colorful flowers, trees and great atmosphere. You can go there with your friends and families and enjoy your precious time at this park.Its an complete family park with good atmosphere and also for kids extra caricular activites and also for the people who want to experience the fresh air of nature after the polluted atmosphere of the city

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    Orchid (kachnar) Park

    KACHNAR PARK is one of the Parks & Recreation Centres in Islamabad, Capital Territory, located in I-8 Islamabad, Pakistan     The park has a 2 tracks: one for jogging and the other for cycling that run the entire perimeter of the park. The park also has an outdoor gymnastics facility as well as various areas for ball games such as cricket, football and volleyball. The park attracts many visitors, mostly families, kids and adults residing in the adjacent I-8 sector. The park only has one public toilet which is very poorly maintained. Kachnar (orchid) trees line the jogging and cycling tracks and in the spring when they blossom, provide a beautiful ambiance to the park.

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    Pakistan Air Force Museum

      PAF Museum known as “PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Museum” is located in “SHAHRAH-E-FAISAL” at Karsaz Flyover in Karachi. This museum was originally established in 1997 and inaugurated on the independence day of Pakistan by the chief of the Air Staff “Air Chief Marshal Abbas Khattak”.   PAF museum was actually administered by a committee headed by the “Air Officer Commanding Southern Air Command”e museum was well known for its organized displays, lush green lawn and rides including F-04 Starfighter, T-6G (Harvard), Huskie, FT-6, F-6, Beech D-95A etc along with other Air Defense equipment.   PAF museum also exhibiting “Vickers VC.1” Viking used by “Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah” The founder of Pakistan and a “Folland Gnat” of Indian Air Force, that landed in “Pasrur” in 1965 war along with Afghan Airforce “Mig 21” and Iraqi Air Force, “Antonov AN-12”, this museum also exhibiting a different range of armory models used in WW1 and in WWII along with portrays of all the Squadrons of Pakistan Air force. Highly Tech Computer systems have also been placed inside the archive gallery for the purpose to archive handy information about a different facet of Pakistan Air Force.   In PAF museum four sub-galleries inside; one gallery exhibiting today’s most advanced and threatening aircraft models used by advanced nations to threaten their enemy. While the second gallery showcasing the history of the aerial warfare through model aircraft and painting where the last two galleries are dedicated to martyrs of our motherland “SHOHADA's” & Heroes of 1965 and 1971 Wars.   Hundreds and thousands of people visit every week to experience military and air equipment and feel astonishing by seeing the potency their army posses. Guided tours in the vicinity of the museum are set free to engage and edify tourist about the rich history of Pakistani Airforce, a special small souvenir shop for tourist is also placed where they can experience miniature of jet models, key chains, shirts, and other air force related merchandise.   Nonetheless, a small kiosk also situated to cater the small need of the visitor like beverages and snacks available at very reasonable market rates to entertain the visitors. Beside that a fun area is also placed for children’s in which lately installed stimulators games is a unique experience for them.

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    Quaid-e-Azam Park

    QUAID-E-AZAM PARK is one of the Largest Parks In Karachi, It Is Located Near Steel Town and Gulshan-e-Hadeed Karachi. Living in Landhi, Bhains Colony, Gulshan-e-Hadeed or Steel Town, you didn’t have many options to go for the outing. So Quaid-e-Azam Park would be a nice place for you. Or if you want to have a long drive, going somewhere peaceful and quiet, this is the place you must check.   Having a mini zoo (don’t compare it with any zoo you ever have seen please, as some of the farm-house have more animals than this mini-zoo), amusement area, garden, boating etc. There is a pond in the center for boating. Local staff won’t allow you to complete the tracking with boating (don’t know why) but it is fun though.   Want to visit, take left from Quaidabad (towards National Highway), drive 20 minutes, and this park is adjacent to the Steel Town.

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    Race Course Park

    Rawalpindi Race Course is next to Westridge Bāzār and is located in Punjab, Pakistan. Rawalpindi Race Course has a length of 2.43 kilometers. Race Course Park is the perfect place for a family outing in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. You can come here for jogging, running, or walking. This family park has something for people of all ages. There is a 1.8-kilometer track for runners. In addition to this, there are plenty of swings and slides for children. You will also see a fully equipped gym for adults here.   During some days of the year, the park provides special training for cricket, football, and tennis. Recently, an archery club has also started in the park. If you are in Rawalpindi and looking for someplace to get free from stress, come to this beautiful park and spend some time jogging or exercising.

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