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Ghoomlo.pk has mentioned lots of attractive places on its website from all over Karachi. This city is full of natural magnificence with some alluring places. It is not less than a heaven for tourist to see heaps of attractive places in a single city. We have listed nearly all the places so that you don’t miss any of them.
From parks to museums and beaches, we have listed entire places on a single website. These places are visited quite repeatedly by the visitors because they like to see them again and again. We also spotlight on updating the data for all these attractions so that you can get correct information concerning these places.
With all the data of these eye-catching places, we have also added other features as well like beautiful pictures, location map to see the precise locations, contact information etc. to assist you to arrive at these places effortlessly. Our listing is full of all the well-known attractions where you can easily plan to visit with your friend, family, and children to see the beauty of this fascinating city.
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    Aladin Park

      Aladin Park is the Pakistan biggest amusement park located at Rashid Minhas road near Johar Mor Karachi.   Aladin Park is a place where families can enjoy healthy activities along with their children. The Park consists of a large variety of swings that attracts the people of every age to come and visit The Park again and again. Families prefer to visit Aladin Park if they want refreshment and enjoyment from their daily routine life.   Every age of people enjoys visiting Aladin Park. Some of the rides of  Park are for people of the age of 18 or more, these include Discovery, Crazy bus, and Freefall. Discovery is a dangerous but very exciting ride. Aladin Park has many rides for children. Many schools often plan a visit to this Park as a part of their extra-curricular activities. You have to buy a ticket for every ride. There is also a bhoot bangla in The Park.   The Park is not only an amusement park but it is also a water park. Water Park of The  Park is completely separated from the amusement park. Water Park also covers a vast area. It has water slides for every age of people including an artificial beach, lazy river, and a Hurricane Wave Pool. It also has swimming pools. Some pools are separately for men and women. There are also separate pools for children. Water Park has a separate entrance fee. Aladin Park also has different food outlets that offer taste full variety of food.

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    Askari Park

    Askari Park is a nice family park created a few years ago located at old Sabzi Mandi in Karahi, Sindh, Pakistan. It's great simple green place for relax and enjoy playing place for whole family. Many people visit this park daily in evening or even a day because it’s in between huge residential area city. There was beautiful fish aquarium and also having a snake shop. Best place for whole family for picnic on weekend. Address: Old Sabzi Mandi (Fruit & Vegetable Market), Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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    Atrium Mall

    Atrium Mall is a Place for all in One shopping in the gem of shopping malls in Pakistan. It is Located at Ghazanfar Ali Rd, Saddar, Near Avari Towers, Karachi. Atrium Mall, a revolution in the world of premium shopping malls. Located in the busiest and main area of Karachi, Atrium Mall is the first branded factory outlet shopping mall in Karachi that offers the best fashion, food, and entertainment to Karachiites.

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    Aziz Bhatti Park

    Aziz Bhatti Park is one of the Lush Green Parks In Katachi, It located near Federal Urdu University on University Road in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.   This park named after Major Aziz Bhatti, he belongs to Pakistan Army and he defended Bukri sector of Lahore in Pak-Indo war of 1965. The Aziz Bhatti parked was established in 1972 by Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and then handed over to Karachi Metropolitan Co-corporation in 1992.   The overall park is comprised of a wide land space of 32 acres, however, only 7-8 acres is developed as a park and the remaining acres only consists of a plane land. This Aziz Bhatti Park also consists of a natural lake which increases the beauty of this park. The family visited Aziz Bhatti Park to enjoy the fresh atmosphere; it is a vast open area with fresh air along with a greenery of the plants that refreshes the soul.   Benches and sheds are also placed in  Park. People also visit the Park in morning for the purpose of morning walk or exercise. If you visit Aziz Bhatti Park in morning you would found many people there performing yoga, exercise and morning walk and enjoying their exercise in an open fresh environment.

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    Baba Island

      Baba and Bhit Islands, is a group of associated islands of the Pakistani coastline along the Arabian Sea. Both boat and helicopter transfers are available from Agatti to Bangaram and Kadmat. The helicopter (US$350return) may be the only option in monsoon season from May to September. By boats/ferries: These can be used for getting around from one island to the other Once on an island, there aren't too many options. You can travel by foot or hire a bicycle.  

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    Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim

    Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim is located in Clifton,  It is Largest Park of Karachi Located in seaside Karachi.  Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim was inaugurated by President Pervez Musharraf on 27th February 2007. Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim means the garden of the son of Qasim. This Garden was previously known as Jehangir Kothari Park. This Park is one of Pakistan’s biggest urban parks that cover a total area of 130 acres. This park is named in the memory of Muslim’s great conqueror Mohammad Bin Qasim. This park is very large and it can almost accommodate about 300,000 people at one time. Almost more than 10 million people visit this park every year. The whole park is covered with lush green grass. This park also has large beautiful trees. Park has stone benches, lighting towers, and footlight which increase its beauty, especially at night. There is also a Turtle Pond constructed in Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim which grabs the attention of its visitors. Beautiful unique roses are planted all over the garden. Park also has huge murals of dinosaurs. There is also a food corner which offers delicious foods to its visitors. This park remains open 24 hours and also Sunday is a family day. Families often visit this park along with their children to enjoy the natural beautiful atmosphere. Different events also take place in this huge beautiful park.

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    Beach Huts At Sandspit Karachi - N-88

    Beach Hut Sandspit offers day use beach hutson the beach in Karāchi. It also provides free private parking. Guests can enjoy day use of the huts which has a private bathroom and living area. The nearest airport is Jinnah Airport, 24 km from S40 Beach Hut Sandspit. Karachi Port is 17 km from the property while the Masroor Airbase is only 9 kms away. It provides free private parking.  

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    Benazir Bhutto Park

    Benazir Bhutto Park is situated at Boat Basin Karachi. This is a huge park covering a vast area of land. This park is situated in a well-off area of Karachi. This park was established by Karachi Development Authority in the late 1960s. Benazir Bhutto Park is named after the death of great Shaheed Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto Park has a very beautiful entrance. Its entrance has a huge beautiful fountain which is surrounded by beautiful flowers of different colors. Walls of the Benazir Bhutto Park are made up of brown bricks which enhances the beauty and dignity of the park. Park has sitting arrangements for its visitors. There are also sheds on which people can sit in sunny weather.     Park has green lush grass with flowers of different colors. You can witness beautiful sunflowers planted all over in this park. At night the lighting of the park gives an eye-catching view. Seaside of Karachi can also be seen from one end of this park.

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    Bhit Island

    Bhit Island is located near Kiamari Town, Karachi. Bhit island is also often known as ‘Baba Bhit Island’. This island is named after the famous saint of Sindh named ‘Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai’. Bhit island is basically situated in the great Arabian Sea. The water of this island is clean and clear blue and is quite deep. Bhit island consists of 3 small fishing islands which are well known for fishing. Fishers often or you can say daily visit this island for fishing. There is a variety of marine life that lives on this island.     This island has covered an area of about 4 square kilometers. Bhit island is also populated. Most of the population therein Bhit island is Muslim. Around 12000 of the Karachi population resides on this island. Boating is also done in Bhit Island. People who love fishing visit this island to enjoy their hobby of fishing.

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    Buddo Island

    uddo Island, is a group of associated islands of the Pakistan (also known as Dingi) is a small island located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.   Both boat and helicopter transfers are available from Agatti to Bangaram and Kadmat. The helicopter (US$350return) may be the only option in monsoon season from May to September.   By boats/ferries: These can be used for getting around from one island to the other Once on an island, there aren't too many options. You can travel by foot or hire a bicycle.

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    Bukhari Park

    Bukhari Park is located at DHA Phase 7, Karachi. Bukhari Park is established in a well-off area of Karachi. Bukhari Park has eye-catching views of natural beauty. The whole park is covered with lush green grass. Different colors of flowers are planted very beautifully in this park. The art in which the different colors of flowers are planted should really be praised. One visiting this park surely admires the beauty of nature. You can see people of every age visiting this park.   This park has the sitting facility for its visitors. If you visit this park in morning you will witness people of different ages perform yoga, exercise or morning walk there. The environment of Bukhari Park is really very suitable for exercise or morning walk. The clean atmosphere of this park refills the soul with new energy. Park is also very suitable for children to play; children enjoy playing in the clean lush green grass. The Bukhari Park is open for public every day from 5:30 AM to 8 AM then 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. There is no entrance ticket for Bukhari Park.

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    Bundal Island

    Bundal island is located on the coast of Arabian Sea, Karachi. Bundal island is a relatively small island. The tomb of one of the Muslim Sufi named Yusuf Shah is located on this island. Annually an urs takes place in the tomb on this island. During this urs, this island used to be very much populated. Buddo island is also located near Bundal island.   These two islands are usually known as a single island. Fishers visit this island daily for fishing. The water around this island is rich with a large variety of marine life. Bahria town has now signed an agreement to construct a beautiful city on this island. This project comprises of all the facilities including educational institutes, medical centers, shopping plazas, tall buildings and much more.

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    Captain Farhan Ali Shaheed Park

    The inauguration of a newly constructed modern park at Sea View, named after a martyr and from Karachi Capt Farhan Ali Shaheed, will be held at Sea View near a well-known restaurant in DHA on Dec 26. Administrator DHA Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi will be the chief guest at the ceremony. A DHA official said here on Friday that this new park is spread over an area of six acres at the beach. It has four large grassy plots, five Sea View sitting platforms, a kiosk and marble walk ways to take visitors around.

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    Charna Island

    The Charna Island is one of the most visited Islands In Pakistan, the Island Hosts Thousands of visitors in summer Season Every day. It is located in the great Arabian Sea Kiamari Town, Karachi. The beautiful Charna Island is also sometimes known as Cheerno. It is located near Mubarak Village. People specifically fisherman usually visit this island for the purpose of fishing. Charna island is rich with a variety of fishes, lobsters as well as crabs. The Marine life that exists in Charna island includes Tuna fish, Angelfish, Sea snakes, Ray fish, Green turtles and many more beautiful species. The water of Charna Island is clean blue and deep. Charna Island is very much popular for Scuba diving, Snorkeling and CLiff diving.     DIfferent sports clubs arranges Snorkeling and scuba diving in the beautiful clean water of Charna island. People enjoy Snorkeling there in Charna island because of the clean water as well as the beautiful clean atmosphere. Karachi Water Sports club arranges other activities too there in Charna Island, that includes boating, Cave exploration, Underwater photography, and lunch at Charna island. Charna Island is filled up with natural beauty. This island gives and eye-catching views to the visitors. Visitors visiting this island once definitely wants to visit it again because of its natural beauty and clean calm environment.

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