15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan

Most tourists are interested in nature sight-seeing and going to beautiful waterfalls. Here are the 15 most beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan.

1) Kiwai Waterfalls

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Kiwai is a beautiful small village which is located more than 200 km from Islamabad. Kiwai waterfalls is located at pretty good height and offers an amazing picnic spot for families and tourists. With different snacks being sold at the kiwai waterfalls, it provides you with best experience possible.

2) Manthoka Waterfalls

Located in Skardu, Manthoka waterfalls is in a class of its own. With beautiful sight and fabulous place, this waterfalls definitely deserves a visit. Manthoka is one of Pakistan’s beautiful places and the height of Manthoka waterfalls is 180 ft. Common activities here are hiking, fishing and hiking. This waterfall will not disappoint you in any way.

3) Pir Ghaib Waterfall

Located in Bolan Valley, Pir Ghaib Waterfall offers a majestic view. It is 70km from Quetta, Balochistan. If you follow the waterfall you will discover two different waterfalls merging into one natural pool, showing you the best side of the beauty.

4) Shingrai Waterfall

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Shingrai Waterfall is also known as the roaring waterfall. The locals of Swat Valley however, call it Shingrodand. The waterfall has a depth of 70 feet which provides a big difference between the water leaving the waterfall and time at which water touches stones on the ground. This creates the roaring sound which the waterfall is famous for. A mesmerizing sound, without a doubt!

5) Neela Sandh Waterfall

A place which will make you come back again because of its natural beauty and the sound of nature. It is famous for having sound of birds chirping, fresh air and a blissful view that leaves you in awe of its beauty. Neela Sandh waterfalls is located in Mori Syedan, Rawalpindi.

6) Sajjikot Waterfall

Sajjikot waterfall is located 24 km from Havelian near Abbottabad city. The two waterfalls present a stunning view and it is a common tourism spot for locals as well as tourists. People come here for picnic, fun, and refreshment. This has to be my favorite waterfall out of all waterfalls in Pakistan and it is truly one of the hidden gems of our country.

7) Gulpur Waterfall

This is more of a romantic spot for couples. Gulpur waterfalls is located in Azad Kashmir and it is really a gem of this area. It is also one of the most popular spots in the kotli district and it is known as a romantic getaway with beautiful scenery. The waterfall itself is a fantastic view. The rock mountain top view proves to be a beautiful view for visitors. The waterfall itself is not the only thing that Gulpur has to offer, it also contains amazing dining and staying options which will make your trip even more wonderful. It is a recommended summer spot for couples and travels as well.

8) Chotok Waterfall

Chotok Waterfall is located in Moola which is a small village just at a 100 km distance from Khuzdar, Balochistan. The place is surrounded by moss-covered hills and flourishing greenery.

9) Narh Waterfall

Located in the small village of Tehsil Kahuta, Narh Waterfall is only 60 kilometers away from Islamabad. If you want to take a short trip to beat the summer heat, drive to the scenic village and enjoy the day by the waterfall.

10) Cham Waterfall

Cham waterfall exists in Chinari with an amazing waterfall and a beautiful village surrounding it. Chinari is a village in Bagh District of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It is quietly literally a view bound to leave you speechless. Put it on your trip list and prepare yourself to see how heavenly view looks like.

11) Farphu Waterfalls

Farphu waterfall, It is the tallest waterfall of Pakistan from Bagrote valley in the Karakoram Mountain range in Gilgit Baltistan.

12) Hanna-Urak Waterfall

Hanna Lake located in Quetta District encircled by mountains surrounds stunning waterfalls known as Hanna-Urak Waterfall. This waterfall connects to another beautiful valley known as Walli Tangi Valley.

13) Jamgar Falls

Spreading out at 200 km area in the shape of a bow, Jamgar Falls is surrounded by forest all around. It is located in Neelam Valley within Azad Kashmir – also famous for being called paradise on earth. This waterfall is guaranteed to make you fall in love with its beauty and the incredible nature all around.

14) Swabi Waterfalls

Swabi waterfalls is among the tallest waterfalls in Pakistan. It is located in the Mardan region and is quite popular place in the northern area among tourists and locals as well. The cool breeze that surrounds this place is surreal and provides you with a beautiful greenery that will make you come back again.

15) Khadeji Waterfalls

If you happen to visit Sindh, you must include Khadegi Waterfalls in your list of travels. It is located very near to Karachi (just 60 km away), the trip without visiting Khadeji Waterfalls would be incomplete. This is the oldest waterfall in Sindh that is at a height of 350 feet above sea level. The beauty of a waterfall is intensified by the surrounding mountains. It is better to visit this waterfall in winter, to enjoy it the most!

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