Name to preserve Sikh heritage

LAHORE : The sixth edition of Lahore Literary Festival supplied soul-taking a search issues to feed Lahorites’ flee for meals for artwork and literature but the limelight used to be drawn against the preservation of heritage in its honest spirit.

“There are almost two million folks in Pakistan who discover the religion of Sikhism, which in general is a motive to promote Pakistan’s soft picture but it used to be now not being tapped properly,” acknowledged Amardeep Singh, the creator of the book “The Misplaced Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”, while speaking at a session “Sikh Heritage after the Raj” in Hall-II on Saturday, the hole day of the LLF 2018.

He narrated his drag to 36 cities of Pakistan within a transient span of 30 days, which shows his motivation to know extra in regards to the Sikh heritage in all system of the country. He started his drag to search Sikh legacy due to his father impressed him to conclude so.

He acknowledged, “It’s a ways the legacy which is never in general mentioned. I felt so heartbroken after I wasn’t allowed to head contained in the forts of Jamrud and Attock. The Sikh community constructed 24 forts along the Indus and now there are one or two left. I went to search out many gurudwaras and got here across the one shut to Rawalpindi, and a man, who used to be the caretaker of that holy teach, told me ‘we were the usage of this teach as a community hall after it had served as a scientific centre for almost 30 years after Partition. Some folks got here and started digging out the hall of the gurudwara as they thought there is a love buried but the villagers stopped them and saved the teach from getting demolished.” Every citizen has to conclude his half to present protection to the heritage. I will bet while you happen to preserved these heritage, thousands of Sikhs will pay 1000’s of rupees to head to their holy locations and this might occasionally enlarge the tourism of Pakistan and its softer picture will bring together its due hype at some level of the field.”

“Spirituality consistently tried to bring folks together. Hazrat Mian Mir laid the first stone of Golden Temple. He furthermore belongs to us. We now contain big appreciate for Baba Farid and Baba Bulley Shah. There used to be a Muslim community named ‘Bhai Mardana; which historical to accompany our last Guru. On the time of Partition, this community moved to Pakistan as they believed that this border might per chance presumably now not be permanent. But now they’re here in Pakistan and unruffled paddle to the gurudwaras and pay their tribute to our holy saint,” he added.

He requested the chief of Pakistan, pronouncing, “To coloration every monument in white is now not a honest method to preserve the heritage. The fresco on every primitive building tells totally different reviews of that technology. After many a long time we can contain the money to restore these precious items of historical previous but till then they’ll vanish.”

He acknowledged, “Many Sikhs must conclude one thing for the restoration of their holy locations and I judge every minority can also unruffled conclude their effort to construct their cultural and non secular heritage. My work conjures up every community to work for the betterment of their trust community and non secular heritage. I contend with Pakistani executive for hanging some effort to restore the heritage but they unruffled contain to conclude loads extra and we are ready to wait on them in every formulation.”