National Tourism Authority on the playing cards

Islamabad: Pakistan Tourism Pattern Corporation (PTDC) Managing Director Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan said that efforts are underway remodel PTDC into National Tourism Authority (NTA) to work at federal level for promotion of tourism within the nation.

Speaking exclusively to ‘The News’ here Thursday, the managing director hoped that the duty of firm of National Tourism Authority in arena of PTDC would be done very quickly.

Ghafoor Khan said that the UNWTO delegates who visited Pakistan unbiased now not too long within the past to abet a convention on tourism derive additionally in their file derive strongly suggested the establishment of National Tourism Authority in Pakistan which must still work at federal level. The mission of the establishment of NTA would be mainly to promote Pakistan as a tourism destination within the international tourism market.

The managing director urged that paying attention on the proposals of the UNWTO delegates, he’s maintaining negotiations with the alive to quarters within the federal executive which additionally encompass Top Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. At some stage within the assembly, the top minister was as soon as briefed about the targets to be done with the formation of NTA. PTDC, as the owner of critical accurate estate, will likely be transformed within the investment division of tourism in Pakistan. A little bit of the income to be generated via tourism activities will likely be used for promotional applications.

The mission on which he’s making efforts for reworking PTDC into NTA would be done very quickly as he foresees certain results and impacts against this path, Ghafoor Khan said.

The managing director said that the recommendations made by UNWTO delegates in a file would quickly be forwarded to the Top Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi moreover other linked authorities within the manager.

Replying to a quiz, the PTDC chief said moreover recommending establishment of NTA in Pakistan, the UNWTO members derive additionally nominated his title as chief of Tourism to describe within the 31st Joint Price Meeting for East Asia Pacific and South Asia to be held in Pakistan in 2019 in collaboration with UNWTO. The Joint Price assembly is likely to be attended by your complete members of East Asia Pacific and South Asia. Equally, UNWTO has additionally nominated him as its representative of Pakistan.