Pakistan Tourism Model Company (PTDC) Monday organized an event to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Level News – 05th Feb, 2018 ):Pakistan Tourism Model Company (PTDC) Monday organized an event to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day. Managing Director, PTDC Ch.

Abdul Ghafoor used to be the executive visitor on the occasion. Addressing the members, the MD acknowledged Kashmir used to be heart beat of all Pakistanis and all the citizens would no longer quit supporting the Kashmir trigger.

India forcibly occupied Jammu & Kashmir for the previous 70 years and violating all human and independence rights of Kashmiri of us. Pakistan raised the train of Kashmir’s self-resolution to the each and each forum of the world.

United Worldwide locations furthermore passed the resolutions that the topic ought to be resolved in step with the requires of Kashmiris, nonetheless India never even bothered to obey the resolutions, he added.

Abdul Ghafoor gave the message to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi that India can violate the resolutions, oppress the innocents Kashmiris, nonetheless the Kashmiris will no longer let their freedom hotfoot die.

Their Hurriyat ardour will never chilly. Their sacrifices will no longer hump in vain and could well never be forgotten. Pakistan will continue supporting the Kashmir trigger to toughen self-resolution and wherever imaginable, will elevate the train in opposition to India‘s oppression.

Member National Assembly, Malik Ibrar Ahmed acknowledged that India has made Kashmir as its colony. Thanks to oppression, Kashmiris can neither score an even time their Eids, nor they’ve any religious freedom.

Kashmir is rarely any longer a legacy of anybody other than its of us and no one has the staunch to suppress their staunch of self-resolution. The nation is standing with the Kashmiri of us, he added. On this occasion, a documentary film on Kashmir hotfoot used to be displayed and the Flashman’s Resort used to be embellished with Kashmir hotfoot banners and Kashmir tableau used to be presented on the occasion.

Finally of the ceremony, nationwide and Kashmiri songs had been furthermore played.