KUALA LUMPUR: Pakistan is enterprise all-out efforts to reap gigantic present market doable by strengthening its bilateral ties with Malaysia.

Pakistani High Commissioner to Malaysia Mohammad Nafees Zakaria identified the areas that will most likely be exploited to fabricate the Free Trade Settlement (FTA) extra successfully and highlighted the ongoing funding cooperation between the 2 countries.

“We emphasised that Pakistan is the fourth largest within the areas of cattle milk manufacturing and has a gigantic potentials in tourism and treasured and semi-treasured gemstones industry that’s left untapped by the Malaysia businessmen,” he talked about in a press free up in conjuction with a recent assembly with the Malaysia–Pakistan Enterprise Council (MALPAK) space of job bearers.

The high commissioner shared his vision and chalked out the ideas require to toughen bilateral, financial and trade family members.

Nafees and MALPAK representatives talked about at huge length on the opportunities to make up the industry between the 2 countries to the next level.

The council contributors formally welcomed the high commissioner on January 27 and hosted a dinner in which crucial Malaysians, Malaysians of Pakistani foundation and Pakistanis, mainly belonging to the industry sector participated.

MALPAK chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Nazir Meraslam lauded Nafees’ intriguing passion in promoting industry between the 2 countries in the direction of enhancing bilateral financial cooperation.

Nazir furthermore emphasised that there are potentials within the more than a number of areas together with tourism and trade.

MALPAK used to be established in 2010 beneath the recommendation of the Ministry of Trade and Trade.

Over time, the council worked along with the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Trade to abet within the efficient implementation of the FTA between the 2 countries.

MALPAK participated in quite lots of exhibitions in Pakistan organised by Trade Constructing Authority of Pakistan.

MALPAK furthermore organised a focus on with by the Ministry of Agriculture along with the Ministry of Effectively being to peep the manufacturing companies and products of seven totally different vegetation in Pakistan for the Malaysian halal certification.