Snow Obnoxious Jeep Rally in Swat tomorrow

MINGORA: The Swat district administration is retaining Snow Obnoxious Jeep Rally at Kalam tomorrow (February Four).

This mega match has the reinforce and collaboration of Islamabad Jeep Membership (IJC), the Pakistan Military, and Tourism Department, Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The rally is being managed by the Swat district administration with the operate to produce a platform to the younger and budding enthusiasts in the country who must include a terrain a a lot like those stumbled on in the European put.

It is a long way segment of initiatives taken by the district administration to produce the home populace the panic challenging secretaries and present the taste of native delicacies in the Switzerland of the East- Swat- to the participants and spectators alike.

Successfully-identified rally drivers of Pakistan comparable to , Sahibzada Sultan, Shahab Haider, Burhan Kundi Sardar Hassan at the side of the members of rally and off-toad clubs of the country are expected to participate in the mega match.

A spokesperson for the district administration acknowledged the snow jeep rally would be held in four categories.

The A Class would hang those Four wheel force autos having engine ability of 3500cc and above.

The B Class would include autos with engine ability in the fluctuate of 2600cc to 3500cc.

The C Class would include autos with engine ability as a lot as 2600cc.

The D Class is for the girls drivers. The spokesperson acknowledged the preparation for the rally had been finalized. He acknowledged such match would be organized periodically to support the formative years.

The winners of every class would be awarded trophies whereas the participants would be given certificates at the concluding ceremony.