Top 10 Airports in Pakistan By the passage of time, as the world is increasing its operations (whether social operations, political operations or the economic operations), the world community needs interactions with each other.  With this, the need for means of interactions increases as well. The main interactional forces are the vast travelling platforms. And […]
Pakistan is well-known around the world for various festivals that are celebrated all around the year. There is a massive list of festivals in which some of them are related to the religion while others have a link with the history and culture of this country. Festivals are actually an excellent platform to come closer […]
Pakistan is a country that has many beautiful places to see in it. From valleys to mountains and waterfalls, this country has almost every beauty of nature in it. Every area has a unique type of beauty that is not easy to describe until you see it with your eyes.  For every nature enthusiast, this […]
Taxila is a historical city which is in the Rawalpindi district of Punjab. It is a well-known tourist destination in Pakistan. The population of this city is quite low. The majority of the people here are Punjabi which reflects in their food and dressing. This city has vital importance for the people who believe in […]
Gwadar is considered as the most significant part of Pakistan. It has major economic value because this city is also equipped with a port. In the last few years, this city has gained more visibility because of its appealing tourist places. It has a population of around 50,000 people which is gradually increasing. For seafood […]