The Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany Jauhar Saleem has claimed that terrorists are no longer given passable havens in Pakistan and that Pakistan’s military “is stopping terrorists from Afghanistan from coming into that nation”.

Addressing the annual convention on cultural diplomacy in Berlin, Saleem termed Afghanistan a staunch haven for terrorists and known as on Europeans to consult with Pakistan for tourism purposes.

“5 million Afghan refugees come… however the fair thing within the final three years is we maintain defeated the terrorists there (in Pakistan)… All terrorists had been from Afghanistan and varied countries within the sphere, they came for jihad. And the fair thing is that tourism is again in Pakistan. Last three hundred and sixty five days after many an extended time our tourism figure reached two million,” Saleem said.

On the same tournament, frail top minister of Britain Gordon Brown wired the maintain to continue the realm neighborhood’s crimson meat up to Afghanistan in converse to enhance security and economic system within the nation.

“We desire world cooperation to create prosperity and progress. You isn’t any longer going to maintain the stages of progress and prosperity and jobs and world economic system if you construct no longer maintain world economic cooperation,” he said. 

At this tournament, Afghanistan envoys requested the realm neighborhood to strain countries against recount-sponsorship of terrorism in a say to enhance security and the economic system in Afghanistan and the plight.

“Our rely on from the officers of the convention used to be that the countries that are smitten by Afghanistan concerns and folks that create instability in Afghanistan and within the plight must be reminded that the exact technique to enhance the economic system and expand cooperation is (by strengthening) kin between countries,” Mohammad Ishaq, a school lecturer and a delegate on the convention, told TOLOnews.

Representatives of more than 30 Asian and European countries attended the convention on the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin to evaluate economic challenges in countries and to search out ways to conquer the hurdles.

TOLOnews reporter Sharif Amiri, who reported from the tournament, said segment of the convention has centered on main concerns in conjunction with security, and fighting insurgency and corruption in Afghanistan. He says that delegates on the tournament wired the maintain to continue supporting Afghanistan to salvage the challenges. 

The remarks by the Pakistani envoy comes amid increasing strain by the United States to cease Pakistan from harboring terrorists. The strain is segment of the US’s unique technique for South Asia and Afghanistan. 

In a recent military operation by Afghan security forces in Helmand province, within the south of Afghanistan, three Pakistani militants had been among 10 terrorists killed within the operation. The operation used to be performed by National Directorate of Safety (NDS) operatives in Helmand province, the NDS said in a assertion on Friday.