A picnic can be too much fun once you discover the plethora of picnic thoughts and options. You can truly make a fun day with just a little advance grounding. A lot of people give significance to going on a picnic instead of focusing on making it unforgettable. This is also the cause why most picnics are not as amusing as they ought to be. If you really want to make your picnic truly terrific that you can appreciate for a lifetime, you must stress on finding the right place to enjoy an outstanding picnic.

In this article, we have listed some of the most excellent farmhouses in Karachi where you can enjoy an amazing picnic day with your family.

Karachi Farm

Karachi farm is one of the biggest and splendid farmhouses with an extensive variety of services. They have two separate units in the farmhouse to choose from. Both the units are full of attractive features to enjoy with your family. These units have separate swimming pools for children and adults, barbecue area, cricket ground, water slides, indoor games and so on.  

Karachi farm is ready to entertain you with their paramount services so that you can enjoy every striking moment of your life free from anxiety. They are enthusiastic to satisfy their customers and firmly believe in understanding their requirements.

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Al Syed Farms

Al Syed farmhouse is an ideal place to enjoy a picnic with your family. They have successfully managed picnics for multinational companies, schools, banks, colleges and universities with their team of professionals. It is a lavish Farmhouse with air conditioners, color TV, refrigerator and all relaxation for the utmost magnificence.

Al Syed farms offer you an impressive place & surroundings which is secure, safe, clean and free of noise buzz and contamination. They have well-trained workers that are busy in providing extreme hospitality for absolute satisfaction.

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JB Farmhouse

JB farmhouse is the most amusing family picnic farmhouse in Karachi, Pakistan. It is an excellent place of nature lovers to enjoy their picnics and holidays. They promise to provide endless activities at JB Farm House for family picnics and events to make sure you get the best results.

This farmhouse is built on an area of 6 acre land with all the essential facilities including the high standard filter plant pool, children pool with water slides, rockery, fountains, hill sights, grassy cricket ground, football, tennis, Basketball court, Spacious bedrooms, Bar BQ stall, water dispenser, freezer, indoor games and unique facility of water treatment.

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Shangrila Farmhouse

Shangrila Farm House

The Shangrila farmhouse is a breathtaking venue for your comfort and lavishness. It has three outstanding deluxe air-conditioned rooms. The farmhouse is inside a widespread ground with outdoor and enclosed dining areas close to the swimming pool. It has a relaxing atmosphere that is surely charming for your mind.

The lush green aura is compelling to stay in Shangrila farmhouse to enjoy your picnics and parties. The farmhouse has a superb background to catch your special memories. This farmhouse is specifically planned with a modern countryside touch that will make you feel just like your house in an advanced village.

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Al Siraj Farmhouse

Al Siraj Farmhouse

Al Siraj is one of the best farm houses in Karachi. They have too many farmhouses in exceptional conditions with all the comfortable services. Their farmhouses are equipped with dedicated and skilled staff that is capable of providing quality services.

Exclude the synthetic environments of hectic city life for a while and inhale, relax, and enjoy the overnight stay in the clean, lush green and ordinary surroundings of Al-Siraj farmhouse. Feel the nature and familiarize your children with it at Al-Siraj Farmhouse.  They are very focused on their professionalism and consistency in all the issues to give their best.

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Windmill Farm Resort

Windmill Farm & Resort

Windmill Farm Resort provides the premium level of entertainment, where you can get rid of all your tensions of a demanding life. It is a place of complete harmony with nature where you can experience fresh, clean and pollution free air away from your hectic life.

The atmosphere in this farmhouse is exclusive, relaxing and refreshing for diverse occasions like Family Picnics, Corporate Picnics, School & College Picnics, Friends Get together, Birthday Parties, Mehndi Functions and so on. They are dedicated to providing exceptional services and facilities for your satisfaction and wellbeing.

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Rani Empire

Rani Empire Farm House

Rani Empire farmhouse in Karachi is not less than a paradise on earth with the blue shades of the night atmosphere wrapped with the most up to date magnificence living. In this farmhouse, you can see the blue water of the comfortable swimming pool under the moonlight.  

This farmhouse is an exclusive experience of awesome moments, one can barely wipe out from his memory. It also has a mini zoo area and huge green garden and crystal water swimming pool. Rani Empire is perfect for picnics, school trips, marriage events, commercial shootings and etc.

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Farhan Farm


Farhan Farmhouse in Karachi is a well-known farmhouse having the characteristics of unmatchable thoughts, incomparable price and superior customer services that you can trust on. This Farm is best for a family outing, school trips, birthday parties, and other particular events.

Enjoy the clean water of the swimming pool below the moonlight and the entertainment of indoor games. This farmhouse is definitely going to make your events packed with many wonderful moments that you can hardly remove from your memories.

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Arabian farmhouse

Arabian farmhouse in Karachi is a place where you can have fun enjoying your picnic or commercial events with families. This farmhouse is properly maintained with the procedure of environment control, which is the main reason for people coming again and again to this farmhouse.

 An arabian farmhouse is an exciting place where you can enjoy your personal park, playing area, swimming pools and a huge resort in Karachi where every necessary requirement is available.

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Ideal Farmhouse

Ideal Farmhouse

Ideal Farmhouse is a splendid farmhouse in Karachi for picnics, Bar-B-Q parties, functions and business events. It is a family Farmhouse in Karachi that offers magnetism for all ages and present guests with facilities of their selection including family entertainment, water recreation, dining and many more.

Ideal Farmhouse has the ability to modify your venue and includes the final touches for your particular occasion. It is a place to enjoy an unforgettable day with your family.

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