Top 12 Fascinating places in Pakistan that are ideal for shooting a movie

Pakistan is a country that has many beautiful places to see in it. From valleys to mountain and waterfalls, this country has almost every beauty of nature in it. Every area has a unique type of beauty that is not easy to describe until you see it with your eyes.  For every nature enthusiast, this country has some fantastic attraction to explore.

Shooting a perfect movie that can stand out from the crowd requires many things to take care in which location is the most powerful thing. An excellent location can have a significant impact on the features of a movie. In Pakistan, the movie industry is quite aware of these charming locations, but some of them are still not getting the benefits of the. In this article, we have gathered a list of all these eye-grabbing places that are perfect for shooting a movie.

Neelum Valley

As far as the fascinating valleys of Pakistan are concerned, Neelum valley comes on top of the list. Neelum valley is renowned for its captivating beauty from a long time. This valley is a center point of attraction for tourists because it has many stunning lakes, rivers, mountain, etc. This valley is around 144 km in length. The weather around this place is excellent in both summer and winter. Some of the areas that offer breathtaking views here like Dhani noseri waterfall, Keran, ratti Gali Lake, sharda, and kel are perfect for shooting a movie.


Murree is all about beautiful hills. It is a well-known hill station in this country with outstanding weather. The cold weather of Murree fascinates the international tourist around it. It’s not a densely populated area, but the people who live there are friendly and helpful. They usually wear warm and colorful clothes according to their tradition. Their traditional values are something that matters a lot to them. Some of the critical places for shooting a movie here are Murree hills, Patriata, Kashmir point, and Ayubia.


Chitral is one of the romantic places with many valleys in it. It is blessed with many natural beauties including rivers, lakes, villages, etc.  Chitral is a multicultural place where people use to speak different languages. You can easily find a lot of non muslims in this area as well because they are living in this place for many years and are completely attached to the gorgeous place.  Some of the prominent venues for a movie shooting in Chitral are Kalash valley, Tirich Mir, Ayun valley and Shandur pass.


Skardu is not less than a paradise for tourists.  It is the largest district among all the northern areas of Pakistan. It’s a great idea to shoot a movie at this exceptional location. Skardu is an ideal place for climbers because of mountains like K2. The weather here is too cold. It can go down to - 24-degree centigrade in summer. Some top quality places for shooting a video here are Askole, hush, K2, and Trango Towers.

Lake Saiful Muluk

Lake Saiful Muluk is an eye-catching Lake that is surrounded by huge mountains. The blue freezing water will make you fall in love with this exceptional lake. This lake offers some fascinating views that are not less than a dream for movie makers. These enticing views add a lot to the beauty of a movie.


Gilgit is also a fascinating place with natural waterfalls, farms, and gorgeous houses. It has a large number of big mountains. In the spring season, beautiful flowers and trees make this place a heaven on earth. Some of the breathtaking location to shoot a movie here are Naltar Valley, Fairy Meadows, Satpara Lake, and Hushe valley.

Gojal Valley

Gojal valley is another gorgeous valley of Pakistan with some appealing places. It is close to the Pak-China border. This valley has many outstanding glaciers, frozen lakes, and lofty peaks. Some attention-grabbing places of this valley for a perfect shoot are Hussaini glacier, Borti Lake, Passu, Shimshal Valley, and Sost.


Rawalakot is also called as pearl valley because this place has lots of almond blossoms in it. It is almost covered with huge hills. Some prominent place for shooting a movie in Rawalakot includes Toli Pir, Poonch River, and Banjosa Lake. It is a peaceful place which attracts thousands of visitors towards it.

Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake is near to Ukra Valley. It is one of the key attractions of Quetta city that is planted with a wide range of trees to enhance the beauty of it. This lake provides a panoramic view of the nearby areas. It is a magnificent place to shoot a movie.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is an enticing hill station that is famous for its charming looks. Many people are familiar with Malam Jabba because it is a place that is in the list of top visited area of Pakistan for years. It is usually a dream spot for skiing, ice skating and trekking that’s why international tourist prefer this spot while visiting Pakistan. The terrific view of this place makes it an ideal spot to shoot a movie.  

Siri Lake

Siri Lake is a beautiful small lake that is surrounded by green forest and mountain.  To get to this lake, you have to take a jeep from shogran. Gorgeous waterfalls, glaciers and steep hills are some of the major attractions that make it appealing to shoot a video here.

Margalla Hills

Margalla hills are a place having huge mountains. This place has many species of plants and wildlife. For bird lovers, it is the best place to visit because they can easily find a wide range of birds at Margalla Hills. Massive mountains look stunning in movies and sometimes it’s hard to see a place that is surrounded by hills. In that scenario, Margalla hills are the ideal spot.

These places are considered as the top most visited places of this country which not only provides a glorious view but also let you boost the quality of your movie by having a perfect shoot around them.

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