Northern areas of Pakistan are the major tourist’s destination. Pakistan is considered as a multi-tradition and multi-season Country. It is a land of rivers, Snow Mountains, emerald lakes, rippling streams and dancing waterfalls. Pakistan offers various landscapes to its tourists. After every 15 miles, you can see a different language and culture which is fascinating to move from one region to another. The local communities of these areas have enhanced their tradition which is another remarkable reason to visit these valleys of ice-encrusted peaks. These areas are a lovely place to visit and Pakistan is keen to promote the tourism in the northern areas.

I have mentioned some of the striking places in this article, which you can visit in the northern site of Pakistan to explore the natural beauty of this country.

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Hunza is dreamland of northern areas of Pakistan because it is a gorgeous valley with a lot of attractive places. It is always a famous tourist destination and is often listed in global Magazines. It was highlighted in National Geographic Magazine as “Hunza Road to Heaven” in 90, s. This was one of the major reasons which attract a lot of international tourists to visit this place.

Hunza is 102 kilometers away from the City of Gilgit. Pakistan International Airline schedule one flight every day from Islamabad Airport to Gilgit. However, flight depends a lot on weather conditions because the weather of these areas is uncertain. It has various places to Visit and you should have heaps of time when you make a decision to touch this part of Pakistan. Some of the distinguished areas are Karimabad, Duiker, Naltar, Chalet, Gojjal, Passu, Sost Dry port and Khunjerav Top. These places are extremely popular among tourist all over the world.

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Skardu is the city in Baltistan region which is 10 km in width and 40 km in length. It sits 2,438 meters above sea level in the surroundings of the huge peaks of the Karakorum’s. Skardu is an astonishing place offering plenty of sightseeing places. It is specifically famous for climbers and each year a number of climbers came to this region to climb world’s highest peak.

It has too many lakes which inspires the tourist with its beauty and fell in love with them. Shangrila Lake which is in khachura region is one of them. It is renowned due to Shangrila resort. Green lake of upper khachura is also near to it. It is a nice lake with warm water. In the center of Skardu city, there is another lake called Sadpara Lake. It is the largest lake in this area with blue color. This lake has a massive reserve of hygienic and fresh water.

You can also find some eye-catching forts in Skardu. Shiger fort is around 40 km away from the city. It is famous for cold desert. Khaplu fort is also well-known and has a rich history. It is now transformed into three start hotel which is run by Serena Group of Hotels.

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Naran is a small town in Mansehra district. It is the last town in Mansehra connected with babusar top. This region has a cool climate with considerable rainfall in summers season and intense snowfall in winters. Naran is a busy destination in summer and receives visitors until late December. Every year more than two million tourists come to this place and these numbers are increasing each year. You can easily search a lot of excellent locations in this region like Lake Saiful ma look, Shogran, Sharan, Siri Paye Meadows, Lalazar Meadows and Nori Top.

The language of the local community of Naran Valley is Hindko and Gojri but they can chat and recognize Urdu. The traditional clothing is Shalwar kameez with lengthy bottom shalwars. The height of People is normally tall around 5”8’ or 5”9’ of males. Lake Saiful malook is the most visited place in this region. This lake is around half hour ride in a jeep from Naran bazaar which is only reachable by jeeps. It offers inspiring beauty in northern areas of Pakistan.

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It is a stunning valley positioned at a distance of 99 km from Mingora. It is enclosed by green hills, wide forests, enticing lakes, waterfalls, and a variety of nice resorts to stay, which are worth seen characteristics of the landscape.

It has all the qualities to be called as a top tourist place in Pakistan. Kalam has enormous forests for camping. Mohdand Lake is one of the most stimulating lakes which is just two hour’s drive from Kalam Bazar. It is one of the biggest lakes in the Swat valley. The climate is usually chilled there. You must have warmer clothes to live easy. Kundol Lake is also an appealing lake in Kalam valley which is placed in the north of Utror region around 19 km away from Kalam. It is reachable via the enticing valley of Ladu.

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Chitral is a division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Most well-known area of Chitral is Kalash ( Kafiristan) which has a population of around 2000 People. Majority of people in this area are non muslims and they have their own faith. These people are completely different from their distinctive culture and religion. There food and mode of life are diverse. Chillam jotish is their major festival in which tourist from various parts of the world come to Pakistan to see the natural beauty of this place.

It is one of the most striking places to visit in Pakistan. From freezing mountain peaks to rivers and forests, you can discover all in Chitral. It is a tourist focal point. The valley is prominent for trekking, fishing, and hiking. The most excellent time to visit this place is from July to September, as it can be too hot in May and June. This place is renowned for excellent hospitality. Most of the tourist likes to stay with traditional Chitrali family during their travel so that they can see the food culture and dressing of locals.

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