Choosing the variety of water sport to enjoy depends a lot on what sort of things you prefer to do. You should also have an idea about how courageous you are and how adventurous you desire to be while on the water. There are heaps of activities that you can enjoy in which tubing is one of the main water sports that every family can get pleasure from. In this water sport, a tube is tied to the back of a speedboat and is dragged through the water at speed

One exceptionally fun water sport to enjoy is the Jet Ski in which you don’t need to swim or have a boat pull you around. It provides you the chance to spend time on the cruising at a high pace.

Water skiing is also a good sport to participate in which you can enjoy your time out on a boat. It is an activity that will offer you a charge of adrenaline when gliding at the back of a speeding boat. Scuba diving is another ideal water sports to see the sights of the thrilling world that waits under the waves. It allows you to go close to the magnificent sea creatures in their own surroundings.

When it comes to water sports in Karachi, the choices are endless. This article lists six of the most excellent water sports services provider in Karachi. Just have a glimpse of them to decide which one can work best for you.

Karachi Beach Huts

Karachi beach hut provides you the facility to enjoy the most unforgettable beach picnic with your friends and Family. If you love water sports, then you will definitely like to see all the facilities available to enjoy properly. Karachi beach hut arranges an extensive variety of water sports including Speed Boats, Jet Ski, Rib Boats, Power Boats, Cruise boats, Party Boats at Turtle Beach and Hawksbay.

You can also make use of their huts facility if you are planning a picnic or party with friends and family. They also offer snorkeling and scuba diving at Hawks Bay and Turtle Beach which is an admirable service to enjoy your picnic at these beaches.

Karachi Water Sports Club

Karachi Water Sports Club is very famous for beach adventure services. Their services include Premium Speed Boats, Jet Ski, Water Sports, Wake Tubing, Knee Boarding, Wow tubing, Fin Tubing, and Kayaking.

Churna Island is a hidden heaven located in Karachi. It is renowned for Snorkeling and Scuba diving trips. If you want to explore underwater of Churna Island, then you can enjoy their underwater photography facility to capture your memories. The snorkeling area is about 10 to 15 feet deep, which is perfect depth to get pleasure from snorkeling. Cliff Diving is one of their exceptional services. It takes place from a cliff at Churna Island from where you jump 30-50 feet height into the blue water.

Scuba Club

Scuba diving is an incredible water sports activity that is highly preferred by outdoor adventure seekers. Scuba club provides you the opportunity to discover the hidden beauty under water. Their services include Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fishing and Cruise trips.

If you have never experienced Scuba dive in your life before but wants to enjoy it, then scuba club is the best place for you. They provide scuba diving facility in Charna Island, which is one of the best diving locations in Karachi.  This island has around 65,000 marine animals which you can see by using the diving services of scuba club.

Defence Authority Marina Club

Marina club in defence authority Karachi is an excellent place to enjoy water sports. They provide too many boat services including wave breaker, which has the capacity to seat 10 persons at a time. Sea craft and para sail, on which 8 persons can enjoy at the same time. Ski master, with 5 people sitting capacity and country sail boat with a massive capacity of 25 people to have fun together.

It is the best place to enjoy with your friends and family, but you must be a member of this club to get maximum benefits. They not only provide water sports facilities but also other fun activities as well so you can have more joy and get stress out of your life.

Far Boat Charter

It is another well-known name of water adventure services provider, which offer service on the sandspit, hawksbay and korangi fish harbor Karachi. They have an extensive variety of Water Sports facilities including Speed Boats, Jet-Ski, Banana Boat, Tow Tubes, Kayak and a lot more. Their premium speedboats that are operational with 4 stroke echo friendly marine engine.  

If you want to plan a water sports event then you can also get benefits from their HD event footage. The memories of the event are captured with latest waterproof DSLRs to give you the maximum coverage.

Indus Scuba

Indus Scuba

Indus Scuba is the First PADI Dive & EFR Center in Pakistan. They have too many dive sites for their customers to explore the untouched magnificence of the underwater world. The variety of diving includes open water, night dives, wreck dives, and other breathtaking experiences.

If you are having no idea of diving, then you can also take their diving courses in which you can easily learn the art of diving. Either you are a new diver or an experienced professional. At Indus scuba, you are guaranteed to get the top services.

For any person looking for water sports activities in Karachi. The list discussed above is of the finest services providers who are equipped with the latest facilities that can make your trip unforgettable. Think smart and make your vacations enjoyable.