There are extremely no words to explain the sparkling effect of Karachi. Nothing can deny the reality that Karachi is actually the heart of Pakistan. This city can be called as a paradise where you can find countless attractions that can magnetize you to visit this beautiful country again and again.

Karachi is considered as a tourist heaven. The reality remains true that the attractiveness of this wonderful city lies in its diversity. This city provides extensive varieties of travel opportunities which can attract tourists from all over the world. The main tourist places are the gorgeous beaches of this city. It is home to the striking shorelines in the world with too many shiny beaches where people like to go for fun in the summer season.

Let’s have a deep look at the most popular beach in Karachi.

French Beach

French Beach Karachi is located in the middle of Hawkes Bay beach and Paradise Point, Sindh, Pakistan. A lot of people look for beaches which have some sports activities because they like to spend some time on the beach to enjoy some water-loving activities with their friends and family. French beach is one of the best places for these people, as here you can enjoy activities like, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Boating, Jet Ski activity, Fishing, and Surfing.

Thousands of visitors love to come here in the summer season to enjoy the sunny weather. This beach is free to visit, but if you are looking to stay longer, then you can book huts for rent, so what are you looking for, go and have fun at French beach Karachi.

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Paradise Point

This beach is on the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Pakistan. You can reach there by Maripr road or Mubarak Goath Road. It is not a good choice for people who love swimming, but you can have fun with other activities like horse riding and camel riding etc.  It is one of the renowned beaches and an outstanding place of entertainment to visit in Karachi. Local people frequently visit this beach for peace of mind and serenity. The location of this beach is outstanding and you can really feel refreshed after having a trip to this beach.

Turtle Beach

Turtle beach is also a well-known beach and a nice picnic place in Karachi. This beach is the center of hawksbay and sandspit. It is a sandy beach without rocks and reefs.  In the summer season, you can see green turtles on this beach come to lay eggs. In the nested period, you can find these turtles creeping in and out of the beach after the evening. It is an excellent beach to come with children because the live turtles create an appealing view for them to have some more enjoyment.

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Clifton beach

Clifton Beach which is normally called as Sea view is a beach in Karachi, Sindh situated on the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most visited places in Clifton. This beach is the world's most famous silver-sand beach during the 20th century, but in 2003 it was badly affected by an oil spill. The beach provides many fun activities for families, including beach-side horse and camel rides, amusement parks, and swimming. The beach is easily reached with plenty of parking. It is a busy beach which is visited by people from all parts of Karachi for picnicking and swimming. Especially on the weekends, after the sun sets, road lights turn up and the picnic on the beach start until midnight.

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Hawke’s Bay

Hawks Bay is 20 km south-west of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is easily reachable by Mauripur Road. This beach is given the name of a Governor from the Victorian time. This is an extremely eminent tourist spot and picnic place in Karachi. It is a sandy beach with clear blue water. Too many people from Karachi visit this beach on daily basis and take pleasure in swimming, fishing, and camel and horse riding.

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Cape Mount

Cape mount is near Hub River and Gadani Beach. This beach offers a new and exceptional look of the Arabian Sea in Karachi. It is an eye-catching picnic point in Karachi to enjoy and get some fresh air after the daily busy routine. The only negative point is that this beach does not have any huts facility, but still beach lovers find enticing to come here for picnics and fun. This beach is a must visit place of tourist because of its exclusive location and excursion worth.

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Sandspit beach

Sandspit Beach is on the south-west of the Karachi city, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a very popular tourist spot with the services horseback and camel riding. The location of Sandspit is very calming and quiet in between October to March and very uneven during the season of heavy rain.

You can see the amazing range of marine life-algae and crabs here. The transparent shallow water of that beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It has an exclusive rocky shape. This beach is supposed to be a quite popular relaxation and entertainment spot in the busy city of Karachi.

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Russian Beach

Russian beach is in Mazar Rd Bin Qasim Town, Karachi. Pakistan Steel Mill was created with the help of Russia. This part of the land was selected as a leisure spot for Russian Engineers who came to Pakistan as part of the technical swap, but it doesn’t happen. This beach is very striking for those people who have some interest in fishing. It has too many beautiful huts where you can go with your family for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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If your boring schedule is making you feel exhausted and you are enthusiastically looking forward to getting free from the rat race, then it’s time for you to allow yourself a break and have fun on the beaches of Karachi.