Top 5 Travel Vloggers of Pakistan

Tourism is a major driver of GDP for any country. For countries who are blessed with beautiful sceneries and breathe taking mountains, tourism is very important. Pakistan is blessed with such places that make you stand in awe of its beauty. Global economies who manage to successfully monetize on this are able to get a bit chunk of GDP solely based on tourism. Pakistan has been slow in monetizing from its nature-gifted beauty; however, better late than never – right?

In order to contribute to our GDP, the tourism industry needs to improve in terms of ease of traveling and infrastructure. It’s good to see that Pakistan has started to take tourism seriously; however, it didn’t happen overnight. It took many local travelers to show the world, the real beauty of Pakistan.

Here we list our top travel vloggers in Pakistan. The vloggers are chosen on the basis of content, humor, and ability to engage the audience. 2018 was the breakthrough year of Pakistan’s tourism industry, where many local vloggers started recording their trips on the northern side of Pakistan. The ability to record the trips in a way that shows the real image of Pakistan and the hidden gems that our country has is truly remarkable. Here are our selected top 5 vloggers.


Let’s talk about Bilal Hassan aka Mystapaki. This guy is my favorite vlogger from Pakistan, simply because he is a master of storytelling. He shares his love for Karachi on his Instagram with catchy captions and beautiful stories. His work is inspired by HONY (Humans of New York).  Bilal said: “I was certainly inspired by HONY’s style of storytelling. I created a hashtag on my page, #touristsinkhi, where I share stories of tourists I’ve met in Karachi. I let them write the captions themselves whereby they share their travel experiences with Karachi and Pakistan.”

He shows the beauty of every city he visits and also includes a background story for these images which helps viewers learn more about different cities. Here’s what Bilal had to say about his aim for vlogging.

“The main aim was to humanize Karachi to Pakistan and the world. One picture at a time I’d open up a window for the outside world. I wanted people to start to view the city the way I see it,” 

He wants tourists to get in touch with the local people as opposed to relying on guide books because locals can help in learning about new places that you wouldn’t know.


Having 689k subscribers, Mooroo has made a name for himself as a prominent travel vlogger of Pakistan. He is pretty different from the rest of the vloggers of Pakistan. Even his name ‘Mooroo’ has become a buzz on social media. Apart from being a travel vlogger, Mooroo is also a music artist, making him an all-rounder as an entertainer. His ability to infuse humor and drama is pretty good, which we definitely love. If you are not following this guy, you should!


Born in FATA to a Pashtun family, Ukhano has become one of the most popular vloggers in Pakistan. He is also into photography, content creation and theatre with a passion to do what he loves the most. He has a strong fan base of 297000 on YouTube and 250000 on Instagram. His skills are vast, with skills of Photoshop he is also a graphic designer and contains a good portfolio. He gained quick fame thanks to his personality, vlog style, and video editing skills.

Irfan Junejo

Probably among the best Pakistani vloggers in Pakistan, Irfan Junejo has gained quite a lot of popularity in Pakistan. His videos consisted of 3 minutes of content in which he spoke to his fans about different topics. More recently, he has made quite popular travel vlogs most reputable among those is his “Guide to Naran”. His delivery and catchphrases also added to his success, we found ourselves saying “scenez kuch aisay hain” out of nowhere. His popularity isn’t limited to Karachi anymore and he has gained some serious brand endorsements from big firms, internationally.

Here’s Irfan talking about his first famous video,

“Personally, I am sure of my ideas now, a basic idea with good execution can go viral and its number one example is Lyari video; a basic idea from Patari and zero planning led me to Lyari to make a successful video that got really popular on YouTube.”

Bros Meet the World

Bros meet the world consists of a duo named Danish and Ramish. This powerhouse duo has produced amazing Pakistani travel vlogs, along with mouthwatering food vlogs. Their format is pretty good and allows for users to experience the locations as well as the local food. Their content is based on Pakistan as well as other countries. Overall, their editing skills and storytelling skills are amazing and they are definitely worth following!

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