Underrated Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a place abundant with natural beauty that not only includes high mountains and crystal-like shiny and clean rivers, it is also blessed with green meadows at one end, sea sides and deserts at the other. Many of its beautiful destinations have been explored and quite famous. But still, a large number of adorable places has not been explored.

There are many beautiful and magical places which are still unknown to most of the general masses and considered to be underrated. We have enlisted some of the underrated destinations in Pakistan.

1. Mahodand Lake

Mahodand lake is situated 40 km from north of Kalaam valley, a perfect destination for a tour in summer. It is not easy to get there in winter as the lake is fully covered with snow. The astounding view of the place take you to the heaven and you will be forced to think if it is a real world or your imagination. This area is really a place which should not be missed.

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2. Ilyasi Mosque

This mosque is a historical heritage in Abbottabad district. It was built in 1932. It owns a natural spring pool. It is built over a stream and water is flowing from the mountains in its surroundings. The view is quite gracious and astonishing. It seems it could be one of the wonders of the world if was fully explored earlier. The charming mountains’ setting enchants the viewers. This place is hardly known to people.


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3. Utrorh Valley

Utror is an underrated hill station situated in Swat. It is a peaceful and less-visited place. One of its beautiful key features is Kandol Lake, situated at 3 hours trek from Utror. The treking of the place is tiring and this must be the reason of being underrated but the treking here is quite adventours. This place is now an emerging tourist spot. It will soon be the most recommaned tourist spot. This beautiful place is waiting to welcome the tourists.

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4. Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake is lying on 10 km from Kallar Kahar, Punjab. Swaik Lake is getting fame as it has recently been explored and promoted by some tourists. It is near Lahore and Islamabad. The lake is one of the perfect destinations for a short time tour or one day picnic. It is quite a suitable destination for cliff diving and swimming, especially in the hot days of Punjab. The white waterfall enhances the beauty of the lake.

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5. Neela wahn

Neela Wahn is another tourist spot and a small beautiful village, more than 20 km away from Chakwal in Kallar Kahar.  This village is blessed and known for its beautiful streams, waterfalls and salty lake water. Neela Wahn is perfect for hiking, camping and swimming. This place truly requires to have a visit.

One of its major attractions is Katora Lake.

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Soon valley is one of the most enchanting yet underratted tourists spot in Khushab, Punjab. The valley owns Uchhali and Khabeki lakes where one can boat. It also has Kanhatti Garden, Mughal garden with a beautiful waterfall and unique flowers.

Jahlar Lake, Sodhi Bagh, Depp Sharif Ponds and Kufri are also famous spots in Moon Valley. You can find good hotel facilities too.

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Gulmit is a small village in Hunza, known as Upper Hunza, in Gilgit-Baltistan. Gulmit is about 8,200 feet above sea level. It is a beautiful village in Gilgit, Baltistan but still underrated. It is covered with gracious green bushes and fields and orchids of apricots. The tour to Gulmit village will be quite refreshing to the minds.

It owns a rich culture. If you are planning to visit Gulmit then you should come here during the Cherry Blossom Festival time.

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This is one of the most astonishing villages in Chitral. The village is named due to its mysterious boiling hot spring. The people here believe that bathing in the water, cures various skin diseases.

If Chitral is in your travel list, must-visit Garam Chashma. This village is also famous for its lush greenery.

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9. Astola Island

One of the underrated and mesmerizing places is Astola Island. It encaptures visitors sense and the beautiful hills in surroundings present the healing effects to a poetic mind.

The island is also known as Jazira Haft Talar which means “The Island of seven hills”. Astola Island is the biggest island of Pakistan. The island is on a 7-hour drive from Karachi to Pasni. It is quite suitable camping, deep-sea diving and underwater fishing spot. The island offers an adventurous journey. It is highly recommended to take all food and first aid facilities with you and not to take children under age 15 to the place.

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Hingol is the largest national park in Pakistan, It carries a large variety of animals and birds which are endangered. It is located about 243 km from Karachi.

This park actually falls into the domain of Baluchistan. This is a perfect spot for wildlife lovers. The fascinating mountains and the charismatic Kund Malir beach provide an ultimate attraction to the adventure seekers.

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11. Pir Ghaib Falls, Bolan 

Pir Ghalib is one of the best places to visit. Amazingly flowing between the rocks, the water presents the picturesque view of the place. This place Pir Ghalib Falls, not only has a worth capturing impression but also a gracious myth is associated with this place. The locals relate this myth to an invisible saint who is blessed by the almighty God. Its view is wonderfully eye-catching. 

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12. Moola Chotok, Khuzdar 

This another astonishing tourist spot badly deprived of the sights and underrated. Small peaks and the water between these mountains, present the gracious as well as the adventurous view. Unique mountain setting enchants its viewers. It presents unbelievably beautiful view when it rains here.

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13. Salt Glaciers, Koh-e-Suleman 

Koh-e-Suleman is a white mountainous place which is often confused with mountains covered with snow in Balochistan. It is not snow on the mountains. It is instead a salted glacier which amazes the sights. It is not easy to access the place but the adventurists anyhow manage to visit and enjoy its beauty.

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14. The Hannah Jheel, Quetta 

The Hannah Jheel is one of the most beautiful tourist spots which presents an astounding view. It is completely frozen and frosted in wintetrs. In summer the fascinating crystal blue water beautifully attracts the viewers. This is an amazing place which is unfortunately underrated. It is situated in Quetta Balochistan.

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15. Urrak Falls, Quetta 

The Urrak falls are considered to be the sibling of the Hannah Jheel. These are always discussed together as Hannah Urrak.  Urrak is a picnic point for the locals of Quetta and the places enclosed. It’s not widely known to the tourists but its crystal clear water and refreshing pleasant weather has started gaining some attractions among tourist and soon will emerge as a perfect tourist spot.

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16. Khojak Pass

There are a number of many wonderful and surprisingly beautiful places which are underrated but for this list this is the last one, named Khojak Pass in Chaman Balochistan.  This is a hypnotizing water passage which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. A very few number of people can reach there but only the daring ones who go there are worth admiring.

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There are still many astonishing places that are above one’s imaginations waiting to be discovered and explored. We will soon come up with some new explorers. If you know any underrated place which is not described herein, mention it in detail in the comment box.

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