Over the years, Pakistan gained a never-ending bad reputation amongst many things. While the decades of political instability, several security issues definitely contributed to it,  there is no doubt that Pakistan has managed to get back up on its own two feet. The country has successfully tapped into something special in regards to tourism. Before […]
Water parks are a nice place to visit because they provide too much fun. They are one of the best places to go when you get tired of your daily busy life and looking for some sort of fun that can relieve all your stress. Water parks offer special facilities like you can enjoy thrilling […]
Hiking is an excellent outdoor activity. Some people prefer to go hiking alone to reap all the meditative advantages of hiking while others like to go with friends because it’s quite motivating to enjoy this journey together. Hiking allows you to view some beautiful scenery which is quite pleasing to the eyes. Hiking has some […]
Murree is considered as a home to several good-looking and admired destinations of Pakistan. The chairlift is one of the most prominent activities in Murree which is liked by tourists from all over the world. High mountains, Fresh air, gorgeous valleys, cold environment are some of the key features of this attractive city of Pakistan. […]
We all should keep ourselves physically healthy if we want to achieve our everyday jobs with an ease that has some significance in our lives. A lot of people might think that they don’t require sticking together a fitness club as they can carry out various workouts on their own to be healthy. But this […]
A mosque is basically a praying area for Muslims. They are easily available in any part of the world so that Muslims can offer prayers. In Pakistan, you can see a lot of beautiful and famous mosques that are really ideal for their structure, architectural, and history. In this article, we have listed the top […]
Northern areas of Pakistan are the major tourist’s destination. Pakistan is considered as a multi-tradition and multi-season Country. It is a land of rivers, Snow Mountains, emerald lakes, rippling streams and dancing waterfalls. Pakistan offers various landscapes to its tourists. After every 15 miles, you can see a different language and culture which is fascinating […]
Pakistan comes under the list of one of those countries that are blessed in a variety of areas. Apart from the absolute natural attractiveness that Pakistan has, the country is also rich in tradition and customs. The range that this country has in the form of diverse tourist places, history, religion, and culture is exceptional. […]
Peshawar is a gorgeous city with a history that dates back to the Mughal time. It is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city is considered as a home to a diverse choice of ethnicities. It is a visual delight for all those who love history because this place has too many historical places to […]
Pakistan has a lot of astonishing malls where you can find different local and international brands at a reasonable cost. Shopping from these top-quality malls is not less than fun because these malls have something exciting and entertaining for everyone. Having the facility of shopping, dining, and entertainment under one roof is what a customer […]
Gilgit-Baltistan is the most incredible place to visit in Pakistan. It is a place of attraction in all the seasons. The spring season is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers that will make you feel pleasant while in the summer season, mountain climbing is at its peak in this region. Winter is full of skiing […]
There are extremely no words to explain the sparkling effect of Karachi. Nothing can deny the reality that Karachi is actually the heart of Pakistan. This city can be called a paradise where you can find countless attractions that can magnetize you to visit this beautiful country again and again. Karachi is considered as a […]
Deserts are considered as the most noticeably appealing natural landscapes all over the world. Their bleak attractiveness is everlasting, and life here depends on the kindness of the elements. They are harsh places but still, a lot of people love discovering them. There are a lot of deserts in the world and a few of […]
Pakistan Monument The Pakistan Monument is a national monument and heritage museum located on the Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan, aimed to symbolize national unity. The monument was constructed as a tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Pakistan. It represents the history, civilization, and culture of Pakistan and mainly […]