Top 7 forest in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with beautiful forests all over the country. Most beautiful of them are located in northern areas where the elevation is quite high. Around 5.2% of the country’s land is covered with forests, in numbers that’s around 4.57 million of the land out of 87.98 million ha.

Mukshpuri Top in the Forest

Mukshpuri top has a beautiful forest which is covered with pine trees that are colorful and dense. The different types of flowers provide an amazing view. On top of that, the forest also has a trek for love who love some adventure. The trek is about 2 to 3 hours and it starts from Dunga Gali. However, if you don’t feel like walking so long for trek, you can also hire horses to take you up easily. The forest is located in Mukhpuri, which is a mountain in Galyat area of Nathia Gali. This mountain is also the 2nd highest among other mountains of Nathia Gali. The elevation is at 9,200 feet which provides a beautiful view and the forest contains many different types of animals and birds along with beautiful conifer forests.

Mushkin Forest Nursery

This forest belongs to the Mushkil area of Astore district which is nearby Harcho. Earlier, people unlawfully cut most of the trees however, recently it has been restored once again and many trees were planted in this area again. Mushkin forest is at an elevation of more than 8000 feet in Gilgit Baltistan. Astore is quite famous for different plants that provide medicines and herbs. The forest is very beautiful thanks to its lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

Rama Meadows Forest

Rama Meadows forest is in close proximity to Rama Villay which is in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Astore district. It is quite a beautiful place to visit and if you are a nature lover, you will definitely enjoy your visit. The forest is covered with beautiful colorful mountains and it will make you feel relaxed. So, make sure you visit this forest in order to rejuvenate your body from city life.


Pine forest near Mahudand Lake is completely covered with beautiful scenery which makes it an amazing located to visit. The pine trees are very dense and the Mahudand Lake covers it. The elevation of this forest is about 9,603 feet since it is located in the Hindu Kush Range, Swat. The lake itself is quite beautiful and contains meadows, mountains and pine forests in its surroundings. Beautiful glaciers on Hindu Kush Mountains are the main source of water. Also, if you are in Kalam, you can visit this forest very easily as it is only 40 km away. You must hire a jeep to reach Mahudand Lake.

Tree in Building near Khaira Gali Abbotabad

Khaira Gali is among the most famous tourist resorts in Galyat area. Having an altitude of 2347 m, it provides a beautiful spot for tourists. It is located in KPK’s Abbotabad. On top of this, Khaira Gali is also famous for hexagon manor on the highest elevation in the town. Here, the cutting of a tree is illegal therefore, nature has been protected. The forest here is beautiful with amazing greenery.

Ziarat Juniper Forest

Ziarat Juniper Forest is unique as it is located between the mountains that elevate from more than 1000 m to 3500 m. Here, the trees have great longevity which allows researchers to carry out their studies based on climate change and ecology. The forest is 110,000 hectares huge and contains living fossils, which indicates that the mature trees in the Ziarat forest have been around for more than 1000 years.

Changa Manga Forest

Changa Manga forest is protected by the forest department of Punjab. It provides the opportunity for outdoor recreation in Pakistan. This is a very famous spot where people from different walks of life, local and international visitors to experience the beauty of the Change Manga forest. Punjab province of Pakistan lacks recreation facilities for the most parts especially Lahore and nearby areas. Therefore, this spot has become quite a famous destination for tourists. Some of the exciting activities include, Lunar Lake for boating, picnic lawns, a pagoda, cantilever and suspension bridges. Also, you can avail the swimming pool and visit zoo/wild life parks.

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